An old chestnut but worth reviewing.. Filthy Asian Restaurants again.

Rarely out of contention for a good stir up, the eateries where  people choose to dine either by choice or with organized social gatherings.
I must have posted several times indicating my reasons why I never ever haunt Asian restaurants having lived in Malaya, Singapore and Hong Kong and travelled extensively to Asian countries and have seen the food  on its uncontrolled journey from source to the plate,  the insanitary conditions where the food is prepared is light years away from the plush gaudy restaurant, where one eats this crap served up by a toothy smiling waiter whose day job is  peddling smoko.
Have you ever or do you still frequent these dubious nosheries where the possibility of the  same food having done more than two journeys from the kitchen to table. meaning what is returned is more than likely to be recycled than not.  Indian and Chinese restaurants are notorious for this and it is difficult to detect, but be rest assured it is rife and ongoing.
Have I put you off, or will you if you are a visitor to these Noxious eateries, continue to consume garbage or food initially purchased from the cheapest source which would normally get the red tick only if it was being consumed by your dog?
Most of these places will survive the acid test when inspectors arrive, bribes are not uncommon.and the penalties easily absorbed by enormous profits.
"The silly old bugger is lying'  alright I heard that,. don't believe me then, go home and infest your family with intestinal worms or some other equally nasty tummy problem.I doubt if you will find an Asian restaurant anywhere with a clean bill of health sign in their window, most get a serve from inspectors each and every visit, some of the main culprits are listed below.

Within the past year inspectors have handed out 198 penalty notices, for everything from filthy kitchens to cockroach infestations to Chinese restaurants - twice as many as for any other nationality.
Still want to eat that shite they serve up?
Indian restaurants received 97 fines, Thai 87, Italian / pizzerias 83, Japanese 66, and Vietnamese 24..
Modern Australian, Korean, Lebanese, American,Turkish and Pakistani restaurants rounded out the state's most culpable cuisines.
Poor personal hygiene of staff and cleanliness of food preparation areas are among the  the biggest problems. It seems to teach these people the rudiments of sanitation is the hardest thing  because of their up bringing and it is something they can't see.

Question is: will this put you off or will you continue to poison your system.

"It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness..........Chinese Proverb.......Get it?

Vest ....Back soon....?


C A. said…
Are you crazy/ i simply adore asian food, Its delicious.
WALLY. said…
Hey Vesty you mention this before and put me off for a while now I worry again.
Vest said…
C A: Trust a yank to tell me that shite is delicious.

Sorry Wally. Isn't there in Sydney a Chinese owned 'Fish'n Chippy' called the Flying Fish or Frying Fish. try eating out there, you won't get poisoned but you will get fat.
C A. said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Vest said…
CA:Yankee doodle.If you send me stuff like that, it will be deleted. I am the only person on this blog who may use filthy language,

No one can be so calculatedly rude as the British, Which amazes Americans, who do not understand studied insult and can only offer abuse as a substitute.
Anonymous said…
Where argument fails, try abuse.
Amy...Swansea. said…
Vest -are you a relative of Doc Martin, if not you certainly seem that way. or maybe a Doc Martin John Cleese cros bred.

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