Thursday 15th September is, R U OK DAY. Send a Message.

ARE YOU OK DAY.September 15. Now here is an opportunity to revive an old acquaintance, or a faltering romance. or if you feel a trifle guilty having not communicated with some person who means more to you than  just a yule tide friend, or a relative you send a birthday card when ever you remember.
Some people may have an aged spinster aunt or great uncle with no issue who may live in a three storey house in the city or has  a  lavish bungalow on five acres  with a pool  and with no kind friendly person to pass this burden on to. Opportunities abound to make friends and keep them, relatives can be great friends, I have many, only one is out of contention; he who we love dearly but battle to come to terms with his oddities(Kindly put).
After long unexplained absences it can become embarrassing  to some people trying to reconnect. A long drawn out list of marital and medical excuses will not wash with most people. Be bold and tell them the truth  that you have been a complete moron for not writing to my favourite friends but there are rarely days that  you are not remembered please forgive (me-us).Try sending a gift card which can be redeemed at their local boozer; it is a dead cert to get you back on track.
So the message "Are you OK" is of prime importance, an Email or postal, telephone messages should be sent during waking hours repeat Waking hours, overseas callers  beware.
To all my relatives and friends have a frolicking good week, but send those messages on Thursday 15 Sept. Back soon......... Vest.

Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.


WALLY. said…
So you will be sending out free alcohol gift vouchers. my local outlet is Liquor land and Dan murphy's. good on yer vesty.
Vest said…
Wally: read the small print.
Chris B said…
R U OK Day website address is:
C A. said…
So the expected nuclear explosion failed to materialize yesterday, the US waits with baited breath for it to happen... Maybe the muzzies are waiting to send the message on ....R U OK Day.

Still on the Graveyard shift, eerilly quiet.
Vest said…
Re, The David 'Third world county' current post.
Note I am Unable to access your blog.
Not unlike the 7Th Cavalry slaughtering the hundreds of U/S indigenous peoples back a bit, you yourself have indicated like a pure blood thirsty Yankee savage. you would follow similar rules which the world war 2 Nazi Fascists applied to dissidents under their yoke, only you advocate doubling or even making it tenfold retaliation for every Yankee doodle. Sorry you stupid turd, you would be in breach of the United Nations Charter, and should be charged for treason and your own annihilation expedited Post haste.
Are you sure you are not of the shicklegruber bloodline or simply a completely arrogant Gung Ho Yankee common Shit Head.

BTW . H T F H R U.
Lower deck lawyer. said…
I'm a non blogger but call here now and then, Can't get to comment on that third world county blog - it's been out ten hours now and no comments unless he has deleted them, not keen on his attitude. Mike. said…
Hubby could be right on this Occasion. 'Third world County Blog' Author is seemingly swimming in a sea of Bile and hatred. doesn't come over as a pleasant person in the least.
Definitely a case for a R U ALRIGHT IN THE HEAD Call.
frog said…
Took a dekko at third world country, that David guy is not a person i'd like to be pally with' his popularity can be seen by the thirteen comments from his past ten posts some are his own comments. One day i will get my blog moving again-just dont have time.
Vest said…
Frog I have a niece in Dover Kent U/K who started blogging but came to a sudden halt a couple of years back..
Hi Christine,xxx.
No3 Son David. said…
All's well in the land of North Richmond a mostly fine week weather wise and a golfing Win of 1st place last Sunday in the social club monthly bash which was at Richmond golf club, highlights of a birdy and a par on the last hole, and the next event to be held at Windsor golf country club, I hope I do well as my handicap has been reduced by 3 strokes down to 32 due to my winning streak of 2 in a row. Work wise all is as normal other than I have reduced the time spent per day from 5 hours to 4 hours, same money so now I get $38.00 per hour at the Mac towers. Health wise all gentry are well apart from the odd Boil that has been rather bothersome I must say. I visited Andrew last week, he has had a bit of bother with a popped knee after an attempt to sheer a sheep. Apart from wishing Alisha a happy birthday they all seem ok. The clan here of Bowyers, Barton's, and Barbers are as well as can be. Bianca has spent the weekend at boyfriends place on the Gold Coast so your guess is as good as mine. Dylan is quietly doing his university course of drama and mathematics and appears to be doing quite well, he has a nice looking girlfriend same age with blonde hair, her name is Sarah Parkin.
Graeme & Jan. said…
Hi We saw Rose last sunday at the raffles.
We go to many clubs just where we enjoy the entertainment.
Going to Forster to play bowls this weekend
Edward Jones. said…
Good morning Les
Thank you for your e mail. I did respond a couple of weeks ago to your weather forecast post.
Yesterday and today have been sorting out a few draws, when my wife died i found that she had saved every card i had ever sent her. Christmas cards birth days and anniversary, she had saved them. Found them yesterday and started clearing them away. If i dont it means that my children will be faced with the same task.
Have kept two only, 25 and 40, we didnt make the golden one. even after 11 months i got a bit emotional. It felt really autumnal here this morning, am resisting turning on the very expensive heating just yet.
I spend my time on the Saga site, have lots of good tips on just about everything. Have a very good forum for the bereaved. There is a lot of work to do, dont know how i would have coped without the net.
Edward Jones watts 183
Saby. said…
i m ok .. Love u guys
David H said…
Thankyou, good people. Yes am well - well, now that some sunshine has made an appearance .. heh. Pottering along and preparing the vege garden for spring, the daffydills are profusely blooming (heh), and some of my other bulbs are beginning to poke tips above ground and sniff the sunshine. Also, after something like a 30 year hiatus, have booked self in for horseriding lessons. First lesson (er, 'refresher') was last Monday. Magnificent. Another one next Monday. Will write it up for the blog.

Have to admit that am not taking much interest in 'politics' these days - too depressing, though do read your comments with interest. Keep 'em coming.

Cheers and best wishes,
Jane, Stokes-Honour. said…
Hello. Hope you are all well xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
David Hill said…
Dear Bowyers

Just replying to your email.

Andrew No 4 son. said…

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