CANCER KILLS THE" R U OK ? MAN." Plus the cure for loneliness

The founder of the R U OK Day Sept 15, has died after losing his battle with cancer.
Gavin Larkin, 42, succumbed to lymphoma. he died on Wednesday Sept 21, surrounded by his family at his Coogee, Sydney Eastern suburbs home.
The Australian  father of three founded R U OK Day in 2009 after his father Barry committed suicide.
R U OK? Day director and co-founder said she was committed to ensuring the success of the campaign continues.
Mr Larkin is survived by his wife Maryanne and children Gus, Jodie and Van.

And in the end it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years.
Loneliness. People between the ages of 25 and 35 are the most prone to loneliness.
It is probably not a coincidence that people in this age bracket are among the most intensive users of new media, in fact those who use many platforms of new media are more prone to feeling lonely than those who (like myself) use only one or two platforms.
   The solution to this solitude may not be to cut back on email or Internet use but instead expand potential contact places beyond the virtual realm.
In  plain English meaning "Get off your Ass" Get out side go for a walk or visit a club, go to a huge shopping complex, Walk and get away from your sedentary life which is piling on the pudding,
   In other words, get out side and meet people, real people you don't need to click on to, then again you could click with someone you fancy with a quick flick of your eyes, if you are a bloke a wink might be  better if you are conventional.
This is far from being a trivial concern, for a long time now the age group mentioned are well represented when it comes to serious depression issues involving young adults.
The message is, "Get out and meet people".

Have a Riotous and rewarding Weekend.......back soon ...Vest

OH and BTW it is not too late if you haven't  replied to those R U OK Messages  sent to you last week.


Dylan B said…
It's really sad that this happened, but I think the good thing is that he got to see the R U OK project go ahead before he did pass.
Vest said…
Thanks Grandson Dylan and Heir to the Throne, Get your Skin and blister to give me a call.Gramps.

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