Lawless migrants.And not too sociable neighbours.

IT Has been revealed that,a quarter of the prison population in New South Wales - Australia's third smallest but most populated state, were born overseas.
First generation migrants from New Zealand,Turkey, Lebanon, Vietnam and Romania are highest rated most likely members of the community to engage in criminal activity.closely followed by a miscellaneous  mob of over stayers without access to funds who resort to drug peddling and burglary.
People born in Australia plus those Migrating legally from Great Britain are almost twice as likely to be victims of physical or threatened violence and more likely to have their homes burgled compared with others born overseas.
The  established Caucasian type Australian and British Commonwealth  migrant family units are in the main  more likely to be trustworthy  and law abiding, and possess a higher standard of respect and pride in their country.
From my own observations Multiculturalism is not working  to the degree most politicians would want us to believe, this can be proven by the large number of  those differing ethnic and of religion communities expanding continually around us, but more so in the inner and western suburbs where  the likes of my self would require a escort for safe passage.
A quarter of all persons living in Australia were born overseas, My wife and I and our four sons have been here Forty years hailing from the U/K. To my knowledge my wife and I are  the only family members with dual citizenship and have been Oz Cits longer than at least half the population of Oz .
However my 25 years service including WW2,  Korea and much more when I apply for the elusive Veterans health gold card, I a defender of Australia during WW2 am met with that wishy washy reply, " You are not a real Australian, are You"?. .....Scollob.
Back later....Vest.


Saby. said…
Don't stop daily gaggling.
WALLY. said…
Vesty,Is it true that Melbourne has the largest gay population in Australia.

Not where's Wally but where is Jimmy lately.
Vest said…
Saby: I may throw in the the towel through lack of interest and just spend everything before I go.

Wally: I dunno. never counted them.

Jimmy is still orf wiv is bucket and spade somewhere?

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