Hardly a blow for World Peace......Plus Mad Cow hits USA.

LOS Angeles. Seven foot plus, Lakers forward, formerly known as Ron Artest and now goes under the monica of Metta World Peace, has been suspended for six  playoff games (whatever that means).

The Guy named World peace was ejected from a weekend game against the Thunder, for deliberately striking Thunder man James Hardon.
It seems Mr World Peace is a stranger to what his name suggests and has a history of on court altercations. He has chalked up three career bans having been side lined in 2004  & 2007.

Mad Cow disease, Alarm the USA. or something to beef about.

The United States beef exporters are running scared over the discovery of Mad Cow Disease.

A discovery of this potentially debilitating disease has been reported in California. Authorities have  informed the public  that no products from this source are in the food chain. The same twaddle was fed to the U/K population  way back . Despite this reassurance this situation has set the alarm bells clanging.
Any bans will effectively run down the profits of the Grease burger outlets, and cost millions of jobs in Uncle Sam Land.
However we should not be concerned in Strayer mate , as it will have the opposite effect on jobs and an upward trend for our better quality beef sales.

Quote; We shall draw from the heart of suffering itself the means of inspiration and survival.....hopefully.

Vest... back soon.


WALLY. said…
Vesty, The guy who got thumped was a real softy despite his name was Hardon.
Whats Mad cow desease.
Vest said…
Wally: I thought someone would spot the other blokes name and have fun.
Wally: simply google 'Mad cow disease'.

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