Expect it and it happens every time.  Post 983.

I Arose at 730 am , must have quick brekky and one drink only. My 9 15 appointment was too early for my constitution as I do not travel well during the early hours. The sun was shining although rain was forecast, a few mild exercise movements assisted the  internal bodily movement  necessary for me before venturing forth , opened bathroom window, sun had gone rain had arrived.  nearest and dearest was met at the top of stairs and handed my wet plastic covered  Daily Telegraph,  I then ,announced my success in the bathroom, she replied here's something that may make you go again, Chris is downstairs pumping out rain water from between the back seats of the car, the aged  redundant carpet machine had been in the shed for more than a decade. However, not my fault I'm the driver  I say. and so far no one is being held responsible apart from God.
By using max pedal we eventually arrived safely and parked in the main street of Toukley right opposite was the Docs Offices where over the course of an hour a blood circulation test was carried  out, the operator stated it appears to be OK. Meanwhile, the Missus had been chatting to a long lost friend in the waiting room.We then returned to the car feeling a little enlightened.
Needing to retrace our journey a little to visit the Aldi supermarket I drove off  not  knowing my front left tyre was flat and torn. however bad luck  turned into good luck as I slowly drove 200 metres  with the tyre going wop wop wop to the nearest tyre centre, the guy there said" we can match your tyre sir and that will be 105 Bucks; have you been here before. I replied I find it uncanny that this was the nearest tyre centre out of a dozen others around here where this happened, "yes I said the previous two sets of tyres were purchased here". he replied  "sir your car has a nose for good service".
We eventually ended up at the main Shopping centre via a call at Aldi
At the shopping centre we met Carole a fortyish divorced nice looking lady who I was left with to chat to while nearest and dearest popped off for which turned out to be  three pairs of shoes plus slippers, Carole will in her words be getting together soon with her new beau from Queensland .I wished her happy getting togethers and explained it was some time since I had a get together, she replied poor boy gave me a full on kiss just before Imelda Marcos AKA Nearest and dearest  arrived.
We arrived home in pouring rain , and greeted at the door by Chris our son who has access to all household communications, saying " Hi Mum , been giving the Visa card a bit of bashing I see.
Missed my midday nap today will retire earlier, must be up and ready for more invasive bladder treatment at Gosford Hospital at 12 noon.I am really pissed off with all this prodding and poking.
Ah well sometimes there is a funny side to hospitals, here is a little yarn to keep you jolly.
A twenty year old  girl who had an appendicitis operation , had tattoos covering most of her body with multiple ear lip and belly piercings coloured skin red and blue hair and green pubic hair and a tattooed notice saying " keep off the grass"was surprised to read the surgeons note he wrote on the op dressing. "Sorry darling but we had to mow your lawn."

Back soon......Vest... BTW The Quiz is still open . go back one post.
ps I had a small win on the lotto Wednesday. It has gone already.



C A. said…
I'm surprized you failed to see the flat tire before had gotten in the car, silly to drive on a flat too.
Vest said…
C A: According to your theory I should have crossed the road gone around the front of the car and drive the car from the passenger seat, right?. No go goofy. No the left front is a passenger seat, as like many other countries we drive on the left and the driver sits right front position.Countries like Japan, Hong Kong, Macau, Lion Island and Taiwan drive on the left too. Post on Indian drivers Smoke signals coming soon.
BTW. Please do not use the word Gotten on this blog - Or else.
WALLY. said…
Vest wants it written right not written rotten.
Vest said…
The Quiz has ceased, read previous post.

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