An Austrian village is being forced to bow to the power of the English language by changing its name

The people of  F- - -ing (pronounced Fooking) hadn't had a problem until pranksters began making fun of them.
Now the village is to vote on a switch and the 16th century version of the name - Fugging - is likely to be adopted.
Mayor Franz Meindl  confirmed his village street signs had regularly been stolen. The Mayor Say's, it's too much. The problem is we need all of the F---ing residents to agree to the name change for it to happen.
 Vest  is suggesting  a new marketing  scheme could bring  in lots of Dosh to the community if implemented.
At the moment tourists are being turned away from its news agency by being told "No we don't have any F---ing postcards.


Back soon .... Vest.


WALLY. said…
Vesty, I thought you mean't Australia when i read it first time.
Vest said…
Wally: There is one in Australia and It's Aborigine Translation is Canberra.There is only a slight difference in the spelling.
Instead of F---ing in Austria, we have a F---up in Canberra. OZ.
Chris B. said…
Good catch! You might like this too... http://www.oddee.com/item_96755.aspx
Vest said…
Yesterday withdrew cash from St George Bank in The beautiful seaside town of Budgewoi.Just before leaving I said to the teller "Have a nice St Georges day" "Huh" she replied.I then filled her in on the patron saints of the Brit Isles. Like Davo, Pat, George and Andy with dates to fit.
A bloke in shorts Say's 'Wots the Aussie Saints name then pommy git". sez I,"Why it could be you St Asshole".
Lower deck lawyer. said…
I have been thinking our patron Saint in Australia may well be,
Saint Bludger. Mike.
Vest said…
Dun fink so Ldl. Too many claiments. try again.
Vest said…
Thank You Jane for your telephone call in reply to my mail out to rello's-friends and important associates, It was the only response.
Vest said…
Ldl: maybe it is Saint Denys.
I was once informed that Sydney was a derivation of St Denys.
Taking a quick squiz, looks likely.
But then other states would complain, names such as Queensland's own saint, St Joe Bonkers Bananas.

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