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IT'S almost a cliche that women settle down for love, and men for regular sex.
but it may be true. Women seem to agree to cohabit because they view it as a stepping stone to marriage.
Yet men move in hoping for more sex and to "test drive" the relationship to see if it is worth sticking around.
Most men and women agreed on many benefits of living together  such as more time together and sharing the cost of living.
Men, more so than women consider cohabitation creates far more opportunities for having sex, compared to dating.
How is it with your love entanglement?. BTW, Mine is fine, Love you Rosey, xxx.

Rosemary my nearest and dearest is in Belmont Hospital after surgery today,"all is well".

The Garden of Friendship.
A friendship can weather most things and thrive on thin soil -
but it needs a little mulch of letters and phone calls and small silly presents every so often -
just to save it drying out completely. Oh and a few more comments from loved one's would not go amiss. ........Vest....... Back soon.


Jimmy said…
good to hear "all is well".

u be good Vesty boy
no more notty posts when moderator is away
Anonymous said…
CANBERRA—Australia's parliament has agreed on legislation that sets out the regulatory framework for the National Broadband Network, Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy Stephen Conroy said Monday.

The legislation passed the House of Representatives on Monday, and included some amendments accepted by the Senate on Friday.

"The bills set out a clear regulatory framework to provide that NBN Co. will operate on a wholesale-only, open and equivalent-access basis, delivering long-term benefits for competition and consumers," he said in a statement.

Passage of the bills further underpins the government's policy to deliver structural reform of the telecommunications industry to promote sustainable retail-level competition, and fair pricing of wholesale services for all Australians, he said.

The amendments will also support state-owned NBN in its delivery of a uniform national wholesale pricing, which the government expects will translate into affordable and competitive retail prices for high-speed broadband services, he said.

Telstra Corp., Australia's largest telecommunications provider, said March 17 that negotiations with state-owned NBN over its part in the development of a 36 billion Australian dollar (US$36.9 billion) national broadband network continue to progress, but that it will have to delay a shareholder vote on the deal.

Telstra is negotiating to lease its existing infrastructure to NBN. Under the changes, Telstra would progressively shut down its copper network and move its customers to the broadband company

Read more:
R Jane, Stokes - Honour. said…
Lots of love to Rosemary xxxxxxxx
IMS. said…
With best wishes to dearest Rosemary, stay well and have a speedy recovery

Anonymous said…
A newly married NSW woman slowly bled to death on the operating table as the surgeon operating on her refused to seek help, an inquest has heard.

Heidi Clarke-Lewis, 29, died at Wagga Wagga Base Hospital in April 2009 during surgery to remove an ectopic pregnancy, the Daily Telegraph reports.

Anaesthetist Hossam Abouelnasr asked surgeon Samy Nassief to get help as Mrs Clarke-Lewis began bleeding internally, a request the doctor rejected, the inquest heard.

Dr Nassief told Dr Abouelnasr that he wanted "another five minutes" to see if he could deal with the wound himself.

It was only about 20 to 30 minutes later that Dr Nassief agreed to get help when Dr Abouelnasr made the demand in a firmer tone.

By the time a second surgeon arrived — 90 minutes after initial complications — it was too late to save Mrs Clarke-Lewis, who had gotten married just six months earlier.

The inquest heard an intra-abdominal haemorrhage was caused by the insertion of a trocar, a sharp medical instrument used in keyhole surgery.

An ectopic pregnancy is where an embryo implants outside the uterus.

The inquest continues
Anonymous said…
I cant imagine Vest to be what he portrays, an asshole - perhaps a greedy overweight christian hog with pots of shekels - born to wealth and fed with the silver goblet is more to the truth, he is a mockery to poverty and hateful to religions mainly muslims and jews.a big man in his castle torture his many starving servent swhile he eats fine food and wine and beds many women to sate his sexual appitite. A..W U B's.
Jimmy said…
Yet men move in hoping for more sex and to "test drive" the relationship to see if it is worth sticking around

In India we have arranged marriages
u dont get to test drive

did u test drive?
Vest said…
Anonymous From world United bloggers: You must be Ali from Bali or some other demented Twit, not sure why I shouldn't delete your seditious comment worthy of your head on the block. however, I shall reply in full later or maybe sooner than you think tosho, meanwhile go wash and cleanse your mouth in shite.
Vest said…
Jimmy: Test drive no. Wouldn't have any, any more than your pre arrangement thingy, Ours was ordained by a higher authority unbeknown to us who selected us for our impartial suitability.
Anonymous said…
Latest news. SYDNEY - The parliamentary computer of Australian premier Julia Gillard is suspected of being hacked along with those of the foreign minister and defence minister, with China under suspicion.
Anonymous said…
Just in.....Lifehacker Australia
Ditch the bun, double the fat
KFC's newest burger is on its way down under bringing double the finger-licking goodness - as well as double the fat, nutritionists say.
'Horrifying' burger set for release TVNZ
You only live or let fry twice Sydney Morning Herald
Jimmy said…
I was oFFice bearer oF world United bloggers

until some bastard hacked my mail id

u just got one guess to tell who the sob is
Jimmy said…
most marriages break up bcoz:

he loves his mom more than me
he has no sense of humor
bcoz of infidelity
the sex is not good
Jimmy said…
most marriages last bcoz:

he loves my mom too
he has no sense of humor
he is dumb too

he is f faithfull (no other woman wants him)

the sex is not too good
but his pay packet is real huge
so I think I will stay
Jimmy said…
TO all the girls I love here

The worst regret ....
Jimmy said…
The worst regret You can have in life is not for the wrong things you did,

but for the things that you did not do with me

- ChocoSabyJames

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