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Jenni Rivera Fans Buy Her Used Delicates, Have No Self-Respect.

Jenni Rivera asked her family to setup some sort of "charitable garage sale" where, obviously, Jenni's personal belongings would be auctioned off for the greater good of mankind. Or something.
Now, Jenni is a professional singer, so one expects things like music memorabilia, household items (a tasteful vase, maybe?) or concert tickets to be the bulk the items — wrong! This is Jenni Rivera we're talking about, mijos! Jenni's used sweaty bras, stained undies, smelly shoes, stuffed animals ?, ducking EVERYTHING was for sale (except Jenni's dignity, of course, because she left that in Univision a while back).
Are you ready for the worse part? Yeah, it gets worse; people actually went BONKERS for that shit! It was so bad that the cops had to intervene.
Also, I'd like to point out that the main guy in the interview is Jenni's brother who's a practicing Roman Catholic priest. Her own brother, a man of the cloth, is selling Jenni's used soiled underthings. We'd like you to sit there and think about that for just a bit.

What do you think?

Confucius say; "Not best thing on earth - but next to best thing on earth".
Vest.... Back soon.


Amy..Swansea. said…
Soothsayers charlatons bigots creeps pedophiles priests, all one embodiment.
Gorgeous gusset said…
Oh How Awful - but it could only happen If the person was a celebrity.
Loved your cliche "Faith Industry"
Vest said…
Could not find your blog Gorgeous G. thanks all the same.
Jimmy said…

hope u guys too are SAFE
Jimmy said…
is GOD Angry?
is GOD a terrorist?
Jimmy said…
Jenni's used sweaty bras, stained undies

I want I want I want
gimme address
Jimmy said…
I heard Amy is having a garage sale too

when Amy ?

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