Risk of Games, Gawky drivers. And pesky Tailgaters.

Forget all about Learner drivers ' L' And Provisional 'P' plates. Perhaps we need 'G' plates for geeks.
Computer Geeks who get off on thrills from video driving games are substantially more likely to take risks and also be less adept at basic driving manoeuvres.
That's no surprise. Video games rarely feature parking.
Regardless of teachings, the young male 'Ego' will continue as the major supplier of road carnage.
Coming along in second place are the short arsed oriental women who can barely see over the front dashboard, how they become licenced gawd only knows.
'Tailgaters' are my favourite road asshole, they were responsible for my past two prangs  awhile back.
The worst continuing instance of tail gating I recall was when driving on the English type skinny roads in outback Tasmania, Obviously most were local twin/heads who knew instinctively when the next opportunity to pass would present itself, sometimes little pieces of red yellow and white glass were strewn around these  good passing spots. I would recommend a strong 'Chelsea Tractor' (SUV) and a sturdy constitution when motoring in Tassy.
Today a visit to two doctors the first appointment at 0815, the Doc was half an hour adrift, he said he had to attend to another local doc who had just passed away that morning aged 65,  Picking up his referral for the next Doc  I  hurried off for my next Appt and to follow was the F/ntly  shopping expedition with my beloved Rosemary, Who has given me a direct order to mow the the front and back weeds - grass. Our mower named Syb  will only start  on orders from our son Chris.
Had a good buy at the bottlo today, a case of  12 charders at $1-99 per 750 ml bot, Hope it goes well  with Chish and fips. Must go now, enjoy the forthcoming W/E....Back soon.... Vest.

BTW It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness.
And sit on a tall stick if short woman driver..........................Chinese proverb?


Jimmy said…
is a word that is used to describe

a person who u really love

describes people who act from the heart
and keep in mind the hearts of others

applies to something that is admired and precious
which can never be replaced

is the word that best describes
what YOU mean to ME



I dreamt of us last night
Jimmy said…
not u Vesty

I am straighter than Chinese hair
Vest said…
Jmmy: So you tell us, I believe you may be hiding your other talents under a bushel.
Na Na Nana Na.
Rosemary. said…
I believe Jimmy's testimonials to the Truth are all cock and rollocks.
Gordon the Baker. said…
Confucius Say, Women who ride side saddle have short curly hair too.

Knickers not best thing on earth-but next to best thing on earth.
Jimmy said…


u mean Bollocks
dont u
Jimmy said…
No body wants the TRUTH Rose

we like to think we still got what it takes

and that Keshi and other teenagers prefer olderr men
Jimmy said…
I dont ride side saddle
Rosemary said…
Jimmy Swear while you may, for in your heaven it will not be allowed.
Jimmy said…
in your heaven it will not be allowed....???

my heaven is a ROSE garden
Jimmy said…
the Heaven for the good folks promised by my buddy Jesus is ETERNAL BLISS

nothing will not be allowed
u will get all that your heart soul mind and body desires

there will be no sin no more
as there will be no laws

all types of sex is permitted
Jimmy said…
no taboos as on Earth here

with regard to incest, adulterey or any other .....

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