Waving Goodbye To a Thousand Flies. Click on the pic.

More than simply interesting, HARD to put down.
Fear and Hysteria.
MEMOIRS of madcap bonking and all you can eat boudoir action.

Emily's mother too?

You're a rascal. A very lucky one.

What a wonderful book. I'm enjoying every page........... Ben Romeo.
Dont wait get it now.


WALLY said…
its a wet and chilly Sunday morning, an a bit windy too. just picked up your book for a return visit on the shenanigans of the 'EMMA' Episode - great stuff vest, all you can eat says it all.

Bit saucy pulling out a brown hair while 'flossing'.

Mustovad brekky in bed, or supper.
C A. said…
Must be Better than Face Book.
S. Betty. said…
Much better and more exciting than 'Lady Chatterly's lover.Mike.
Frog said…
Ordering soon, been thinking about it some time
Rosemary said…
I think it absoluteley shameful in places.
Mind you it all happened before I married him, I think.

Wicked? No . Just a great lover. Oooh.
Teddy Boy. said…
So you fell in love with him at first sight on a nudist beach Rosey..er prob the bestway of finding out the sizeable truth.

Must ask Er for permit to buy.
Jimmy said…

Want to hear bout your memoirs too
tell all
Jimmy said…
Lord Spencers Lady and her many lovers
Majors Mommy. said…
Totally orgasmic and down to earth.
Amy...Swansea. said…
Borrowed the book from friend some time ago'laugh' I still have it.

Would have loved Emily's role, a real upper crust lady, but a bit bossy.
A bedroom Queen bee, provided sting with her honey.
Jimmy said…
like a FUJIKaMa reactor melt doWn
Jimmy said…
nice lady
Wish I had joined the Navy too

When your ship is in port
u have verry little time

u need 'fast girls
Jaded Jane, said…
Not read it, but it might make a great movie from what little Iv'e read from the adverts.
Very horny to say the least.

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