"How do you rate your Supermarket" ? ALDI is the top performer.

 Within our locality unless one shops on a Wednesday the day before Govt handouts day, you will queue or line up at the checkout for many time wasting moments listening to an assortment of moans and groans from mostly female customers.
Going back to  the advent of 'late night shopping in the eighties, there were two major supermarkets  where we lived , Franklins and Woolworths. Franklins was less up-market than Woolies whose charges so we were led to believe were approx 5 per cent higher. Time spent at the check out say ten mins more than Woolies  I explained to a one obese woman, if she had spent $100-00 she would have saved  $5-00  by shopping at Franklins who are paying you 30 bucks an hour while you wait in the Queue.(you work it out) she couldn't.
Beats me how broad beamed broads access the checkout, could be the squeezeability.
So you eventually  make it to the check out where you are confronted by a zit faced teenager. who repeats the same well oiled salutary enquiry "How are you today Sir"? I look straight into her eye's and give her the expected reply upon which she smiles, however, I really wanted to tell her that our dog died yesterday, the Telly is on the blink My mother has come to stay for a month and my Piles are giving me some gipp. I then place $43-71 on the counter while she checks my purchases, finally she Say's" $43-71  Please sir" after counting my hard earned she Say's "you must have used a calculator" "No" I reply, " I was born with a brain". On another occasion the same chick asked  "How's the weather outside" She was delighted when I replied "It is just like you, absolutely beautiful"...actually it was piddling down outside.
Today,  very little has changed apart from new technology at the checkout the same polite enquiries regarding your health apply. I recall a checkout incident at the super fresh fruit and veggie outlet, I had purchased two long 45cm x 40mm Chinese radishes owing to my crop in our garden was exhausted, ahead in the queue of mainly women customers, the mature female check out person Say's "big aren't they", "yes" I replied, "I wish I could get mine to grow as big as this". Loud guffaws and much sniggering from other customers preceded my hand on forehead  asking "what have I said ".
On a recent jaunt to the U/K with beloved and eldest son, we visited several different Supermarkets, whose layouts seemed different but better with larger aisles and a far greater variety of foodstuffs, I assumed this was due to the European common market influence, however, the check outs were far less complicated than those encountered in Australia with the exception of ALDI  a German (European)  supermarket chain now proliferated all around Strayer The speed through the checkouts are faster than a Chook processing factory. Time being of the essence, much lees expense is incurred, but the dominating difference is the sedentary positioning of the checkout chicks opposed to those of major retail outlets in OZ where they remain standing. I suppose the long term difference would be acquiring a fat ass or fallen arches.
From observing shoppers with pay packet in hand, most flaunt their  recently acquired wealth with gay abandon The ( give the cat another Canary syndrome ). noticing one obviously poor person spending up on sirloin steaks and Tassy salmon ,I surmised her family surviving on "No frills oat meal the rest of the week.
Persons on semi fixed incomes like yours truly tend to guard their hard earned, particularly when options abound in the retail sector. My own family unit eat well and mostly the best of what is on offer at the most reasonable price. Although our nearest supermarket 'Coles'is just two minutes walk away, it is used primarily as a convenience store, huge as it may be; there are vast price differences in the main essentials compared to that of ALDI where we shop approx every two weeks. Items such as soft drinks are 50% less, canned foodstuffs like B/beans , spaghetti, fruit and meat plus many other basic, items such as  fresh veggies, meat and household necessities, are as cheap as chips.
Shopping at ALDI is a return trip of 60 Kilometres for us; an enjoyable day out at a massive shopping complex, Lunch and lots of exercise, although I usually wind up using the shopping cart as a zimmer frame.
Take a squiz at these examples Baked beans, Spaghetti 45cents 400gram can,   Milk $2-00 per Two litre.
And for the grumbling old farts with false teeth A packet of 104 good quality denture tabs for six bucks.

Good shopping Folks.............Vest...Back soon.

Remember; Education is the power to think clearly, the power to act well in the worlds work, and the power to appreciate life.


Jimmy said…
I prefer my local baniya
C A. said…
Americans are concerned about the down turn of their economy aka the China/India Syndrome to be concerned about the welfare of others and having spare time for blogging and I say the USA Comes first in my eyes.
Vest said…
CA: I guess you could be doing the graveyard shift?
WALLY. said…
Hi Vesty, My mum always shops a t Aldi - shes a shrewd old skinflint. Ill probably get a clout round the for saying so.
WALLY. said…
Hi Vesty, My mum always shops a t Aldi - shes a shrewd old skinflint. Ill probably get a clout round the for saying so.
Jimmy said…
soliciting clicks for adworld is against terms
u will be disqualified if cot

I was cot
Vest said…
Vest said...
Leave your comment

I know who is calling on my blog. This has nowt to do with the price of eggs at the corner shop but the addled dozen or so callers from the North Am/Cont who are regular visitors but are too bloody lazy to comment, this also applies to other parts of the world. Australia and India followed by the U/K notch up a few calls and comments, and people from the land of the long white cloud are having a quick squizz but not delivering.
Feb calls = 1344
37% were new calls.
Total comments,139.
Lower deck lawyer. said…
The 11th Commandment, "Thou shalt not get caught".
He has deleted it!! Mike.
Anonymous said…
It was never there in the first instance.
Jimmy said…
I lost all my past earnings about 500 dollars

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