International Cricket Paupers, Poverty stricken Kenyans.

I am finding it difficult to come to terms with the information which relates to that of the African Nation of Kenya  hosting a Ist Class International Cricket team.
Before I continue, let me describe some of the international cricket teams and their wealth statistics.
 India  is now a bit slack in paying buckets of  bucks to the teams playing in the national 20-Twenty games last year. Yet India's top players reap millions  in dollars from playing test cricket and endorsements. Another country Australia bolts home second for reaping the bucks.
India's Sachin Tendulker pockets around 13 Million bucks per year  with Aussie Rick Ponting overpaid at 3.5 million. Michael Clarke about 1.5 Million  the Oz team lower paids receive near the million mark.
Pontings income from the Oz Cricket board is supplemented with endorsement monies from various sources, the most likely I am unreliably told is "Pest control Inc' when he is expected to scratch his crutch, Wriggle's Gum when he chomps on a wad as a ruminant would when chewing the cud, and Kleenex may cough up for his constant nose picking.

At the other end of the scale where wealth is a constant battle to survive, we have a Kenyan who is the highest paid player in the national team Steve Tikolo, aged 39 pocketing $250-00 per week.
To me that seems to be completely out of whack, even that is better than the team rookies who earn around  $100-00 per week, members of the squad are so impoverished they walk to international fixtures in Kenya, unable to afford a car or public transport.Some of the Kenyan team resort to moonlighting- a second job like selling second hand sports shoes, then they are required to turn up for practice from nine to three on business days most of their fixtures being at the weekend.
Steve Tikolo Say's "Some guys worry where they can get money for food and rent, even on the field of play their thoughts are on whether they can afford their next meal, it is difficult to survive on a $1000 a month with a wife and three daughters to provide for.
On Sunday the 13th Kenya lost to favourites Australia after losing the toss and having to bat last on a wearing pitch, under lights with the dew helping the Oz attack, Strayer 324 for 6 and Kenya 264  for 6.

Under the captaincy of  Ticolo, Kenya were the Cinderella story of the 2003 world cup,  falling one win short of the decider.
The ICC subsequently flagged the Africans as the next test playing country. It pumped six figure sums into Kenyan cricket - but Tikolo claims former administrators misappropriated the funds and in-fighting ensued, crippling Kenyan cricket and sending it back to Square one.
It seems the General welfare and security of the populations of most African nations have degenerated into a hopeless mess since the start of De-colonisation of Africa from the fifties. .

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Jimmy said…
only CRICKET pays in INDIA
WALLY. said…
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Jimmy said…
Wally is a certified Dole bugger ?

who is this dole?
thats sad
Jimmy said…
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WALLY. said…
A certified Dole bludger gets more than 250 bucks a week in Aussieland.
LLY said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
WALLY. said…
A certified Dole bludger gets more than 250 bucks a week in Aussieland.
WALLY. said…
A certified Dole bludger gets more than 250 bucks a week in Aussieland.

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