Yes it's the Face book gooks again

Can't spell cant think Can't read Can't write no time to spare except use simple text such as "I Like " and "Not Like", Their peers who are Idolised like D Grade celebs because of their ability to write one liners which are used frequently like a graffiti signature painted on a public lavatory or bus shelter in order to impress thier inane followers, the easily lead.

The boring untruths of facebook

     I don't care a hoot if I insult you because you are a face book moron , it is about time you long time users and losers were told the truth
     Here I shall give you a few reasons not to like face book any more full stop.
    First of all Face book is always watching like a sweaty old middle aged bimbo or dirty old geezer whose only interest is immorality and depravity; take your pick. It is also a a source of anything likely to be of little use plus a guide to future depravity for the  unemployable school leavers expanding the dole queue's.. The predators mentioned watching  and recording every thing you like or desire and every ones info you have recorded, yes every one you have ever  visited..
     The face book man keeps are not simply filed away under I bet you wish we were not watching you so closely, your news feed is based on this info All of your past love trysts and agony plus the latest fleeting  romance as well as your on line history , is used to sell you stuff too..
     Most people I have read on Face book who are not celebrities always seem to be on the beach sunning themselves with their latest Spanish or froggy Lothario, others are renovating their newly acquired mansion on the Gold coast or some other upmarket area. and lying about enjoying the company of their half dozen offspring and cooking food few people have ever heard of.. Maybe these people have won big on lotto and given up on work, or some were devoted in their Quest to find the end of the Rainbow ; found it and moved there
     Face book is constantly experimenting on you, They tally up the info you have revealed and use it to sell you more stuff you really don't need. The only way I can see face book being of any face value is forget about chasing the approval of others, simply share the  things you have enjoyed with persons you may believe would enjoy them too.

Vest ....Back soon.

"Sweet as fragrant roses 'Tis to have a friend, on whom in gloom or sunshine we know we can depend"


Anonymous said…
Do as I do, Face Book is family only, with the inclusion of very close friends, and each time you look at FB, click to sort in order, not most popular. But with English rel in laws, I will still see English people sunning themselves on the Costa del Sol and equivalents.
River said…
I'm glad I'm not on Facebook and never will be.
Vest said…
I read the best post on Face Book some years ago from a Canadian Lady Who expressed her opinion in a somewhat sordid way than I as a seasoned sailor found down to the bone, I shall try to find the post and send to only those who wish to read it.
I don't play FB. And have no wish to do so.
Vest said…
Thank you for your replies, The winner is "No" to face book by 3 to 1. Fini.

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