'Going Down' The British Way..

     'Arrgh" Enough Weekly to buy a small car Or if you Booze Three cheap bottles of Taiwan whisky..
Yep that's how I look at the Amount my Land of hope and *^)#*)(%#$ Glory ; Naval and State British Pension has tumbled, Well I shall not worry too much, this will in turn lower my outgoings to the OZ Fed Govt, and I could be a right B-----d and cancel my miniscule charity donations in order to even the score. Well I shall not do anything about the problem but I shall relish the fact that what Great Britain needs most, is  their locals buy more British goods and close the frontiers to the Hordes of Migrating would be non English speaking Dole Bludgers.and those intent on imposing their archaic and ridiculous beliefs on others.
     Having said that, I feel that as  a now fully Qualified Brit and Strine linguist I should feel grateful to be able to reside in the land Girt by sea and sincerely hope my Rello's in GB get this mess cleaned up soon . Good onyer Girt.

Vest... Back soon.    The time is always right to do what is right.


Chris said…
This guy would make a great PM - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t2kKnzW4d8w
Vest said…
Chris. Maybe but not with a great life expectancy, being he would be a great target for ISS and other loonies.
Anonymous said…
Maybe governments and the EU should have listened to the voices and emotions of the affected at times and not just give lip service to the discontent of the older working class in Britain, that is those who dominantly voted to leave.

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