These Words are here to assist you or confuse you in your .
efforts to compose a short story. These words must be used entirely within your own story. This is not an original Idea but evolves from other frequently visited blogs from which I find Interesting. VEST.

These words were selected from flipping the dictionary and poking with a pen...
You may write your story now if you wish , But my story will possibly be posted by tomoorrow.,


Here goes.   "The sad tale of Stella Stickybeak."

      A lady ? of trying habits is Stella Stickybeak a scandal mongering spinster in the Parish  of Koobecaf in Joe Bonkers Bananaland where the trains travel past the proverbial black stump - whom all of us had experience of her (Irritating) chatter in the railway carriage - who would relate the gory details of her sons most, recent piles operation and add - it runs in the family. The (Forty) nine year old wrinkled chatterbox was also troubled with a similar unbridled (Candour) as her son - as she constantly moved her sitting posture. Her gift of deceit and (Training) in fibs which an (Unattractive) appearance imposes on some ladies is unfortunate but she goes on about and confesses like a fool her (Secret) life to her siblings and also the (Butcher) and the baker and the proverbial candle stick maker.
     There are many Stella Stickybeaks ,their (Irritating) whingeing  likes and dislikes they post on Facebook would ; making head or tail of them ; harder than to attend  to the (Training) of a deaf Rocking horse. 
       A lie has no legs, but a scandal has wings.

Vest Daily Gaggle.... Back soon with final episode of Emily.


Rather than overwhelm us with choices perhaps you would like to join Words for Wednesday and provide the promtps for a month? I think we are up to December at the moment, but we are always looking for volunteers to spark our imagination.
Vest said…
E C. Yes I can go along with that More info please. By email OK.
River said…
I like the sound of Joe Bonkers Bananaland, sounds like a great place for monkeys.
I've known a few Stella Stickybeaks types. They're the sort you don't dare ask "how are you?" because they will tell you in great detail for the next hour!
River said…
In the IRRITATING manner of many women, she kept the SECRET of her age until this year. Standing in line at the BUTCHER shop, I over heard her announcing with unusual CANDOUR that she was about to turn FORTY, a most UNATTRACTIVE age in her opinion, but she'd make the best of it. It will be TRAINING for when I'm really elderly, she announced, as she paid for her sausages and chops.
Vest said…
It seems no-one picked up the name of the town where Stella Stickbeak lived (reverse the town name).
Vest said…
Thank you E C and River for your comments,. Without you there would be few visitors, Are you being kind or is it 'Just Me?'

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