Words on Monday.

     These Words are here to assist you or confuse you in your efforts to compose a short story. These words must be used entirely within your own story. This is not an original Idea but evolves from other frequently visited blogs from which I find Interesting. VEST..


Later in the day I shall write my short story involving these words.     And here it is..

     This short story is of my own making and  relates to something I recall from the past Mid Sixties?

     At Charleston South Carolina,  I went ashore as the ships 'Limey' representative of the US Navy shore patrol. During a discussion, an American officer asked why I pronounced the rank of lieutenant 'Leftenant' and not Lootenant. "Both spell Lieutenant" I replied, But my pronunciation does not infer they live in Lavatories.
      Later we attended a domestic dispute at a trailer park housing married US Navy personnel. On our arrival, a very angry person with a shot gun fired at us shattering the windshield of our truck. The driver then backed up and the police were called to sort out the mess. A few minor incidents occurred later before I returned to my ship in the early hours. When I arrived I was asked " How did things go". I replied, "It was a very quiet evening according to the Yanks"
     A general feeling of lethargy and boredom was always present on that ship,Anyone denying this was probably enjoying life at my expense.
      While in Devonport England, I would go on weekend leave to Portsmouth where I lived , travelling in a friends car, Another passenger in the car was our Ist LT a LT/Cmdr  Much senior to me, who during the trip would ask awkward questions regarding the ship, I could tell  that he wasn't amused with some of my replies, especially when I told him I was writing a radio play about the funny goings on aboard our ship, hopefully for the 'Goon" show.'. He replied  "with you as its major performer, I have no doubt that it will be a great success"  he replied.
     ''No doubt at all, with you sir, being the major character' I answered. Our driver then uttered a remark - something about sailing close to the wind. Fini.

This week I shall be posting a short story,one in many episodes involving  Puppy love-war- Sex! travel.and more....If you are prudish or a wowser you had better not check it out. Bye for now


River said…
The link you left in my email doesn't work, luckily I have this site saved in "my favourites", so I was able to enjoy your story.
I've written down the words and will have a go later; I've just got home from the dentist and need some thinking time.
Vest said…
River. I fully understand your plight. Dentist's are my worst enemy. Have a restful evening.
Davoh said…
WOT? Vestie, at this stage in our ... um, communication - is that have forgotten the delineated words that am supposed to include.

however, do, actually receive your communications. Yep, a challenge - am i too old to respond? Dunno Vestie, who cares?
Davoh said…
Bleah ... nice background ...
Vest said…
Davoh . Re background, Yes it is much brighter than the previous. It portrays the Sunny Central Coast of New South Wales in OZ where at present it is threatening to rain again to add to this 12 degrees Cel outside. It is a shame that you are feeling aged so early, try knocking out the fags and booze and the other and drink more pure water, it won't make you happier for a while but in time you will appreciate its value and live to be a miserable old nearly ninety like yours truly.
Your agony Unc.. Vest.
River said…
As the heat wore on day after day, we were overtaken by LETHARGY, spending our days in the shade of the wide back porch, ENJOYING a QUIET DISCUSSION now and again, mostly just listening to the RADIO playing inside, the music wafting through the open window by our chairs.
Joe suddenly let out a chuckle, "Remember that day the new OFFICER started at the unit? We had all the PERSONNEL dress up in pink skirts because she was a woman."
"First female OFFICER we ever had", I replied. "But she was a good sport about it. Really knew her job too."
Joe chuckled again. "Whipped us into line quick smart."
Vest said…
Hi River. Great stuff are you sure you are not a Bronte Girl? I have another titled Emily coming up soon.. a follow on from the present post. Thank you for calling.

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