These Words are here to assist you or confuse you in your .
efforts to compose a short story. These words must be used entirely within your own story. This is not an original Idea but evolves from other frequently visited blogs from which I find Interesting. VEST.


     My story will be told on Wednesday. Vest Daily gaggle.    Here we go.

Being alone was dead easy or (Easier), I had long ago discovered, if you become two people, the actor and the observer. The (Actor) was always the same,The actor played many parts; a King, Sailor, or an officer in the French foreign legion for instance Or maybe a  English detective in London's Baker street or a gunner on Lord Nelsons Flagship popping a cannon (Ball) down the barrel of a hot cannon.
"There he goes", I was  able to say about myself, even in the deeply (Unhappy) days at that wretched boarding school when I ran around  a (Frozen) football field, keeping as far as possible from the (Ball), or cantering across the desert sands  on a camel leading my (Platoon of of ex robbers and murderers and at least one British (Duke) disappointed in love, in a charge against a dissident Arab Sheik  and his army of sabre wielding followers in that not too famous battle of Sidi Ding Dong, where  Arabs illegally 'Bricked' their camels at the water trough near the  date palm oasis. When I eventually stopped dreaming, my character became more sophisticated,  I then  came more under the influence of blogging  and discovering reality and that I was not the only person in this world who was a complete delusional.
Sorry Gotta go, My shrink is at the door.

Vest ...Back soon.


Vest said…
These words were drawn from ten chosen words out of a hat so to speak, I will be very busy today Tuesday and will be away from home awhile , I shall ponder the words soonest.
Vest said…
After yesterday's hustle and bustle today has been free from interruptions due to the wife being away for a few hours. I have Been able to complete a short tale from some ponderous words I was given by a friend. However, it is done and also Emily part 2 will be published on Friday.
River said…
Good story. Ouch on the Camel "bricking" though. Poor camel :(

I've always found it EASIER to be a spectator rather than an ACTOR. Particularly with BALL sports; who wants to run around getting all hot and sweaty when instead they can sit in the shade sipping at semi-FROZEN drinks, reading fantasy stories about UNHAPPY DUKES who ventured too close when trying to see if "Army" ants marched in PLATOONS or just marched.
Vest said…
River. Those wiley Arabs knew how to get the max from their steeds, more is the pity we cannot use the same methods on our mechanical vehicles.
Chris said…
It is easier for Frozen Platoon actor Duke Ball to be unhappy
Vest said…
Thank you Chris for your 'One Liner'
After last night's harange with you over "Facebook' You have confirmed my statement I made to you as correct, that F B is a quick way of replying for some people who are not endowed with sufficient grey matter to be able to provide a intelligent response other than 'Like' or 'Not like'. Daddy.

NB. Chris lives downstairs, No 1 Son.
Vest said…
Chris. Try to shorten this, and don't Say BILL.

The easier frozen 'Duke Ball platoon Actor' is Unhappy.
Vest said…
Or even shorter if one leaves out the THE.
Chris said…
Ni rahisi zaidi Frozen Kikosi muigizaji Duke mpira kuwa furaha
Vest said…
Chris. Oh yeah, . I notice you made a mistake There should be two H's in the second word and no G in the sixth word.When did you learn Kazakistani ?

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