These Words are here to assist you or confuse you in your .
efforts to compose a short story. These words must be used entirely within your own story. This is not an original Idea but evolves from other frequently visited blogs from which I find Interesting. VEST.

Base..Venus..Ditches  Frozen  Bedstead  Stupid  Time.
My story soon. This is a hard one from a flipped dictionary pages.selection

The Beaters.
As a child I found a tough way to supplement my Income was to act as a beater for the local gentry during shoots and various wildlife hunts. Our (Base) in Mill road manor house was the start and finish (Venue) where the spoils were counted and beaters paid usually about a half crown. Mind you it was a long (Time)  ago, when I was too young to know better; I was beagling on a snowy day and I got stuck with a girl whose name, as far as I remember, was Mary (Bedstead), and a perfectly (Stupid) hound named (Venus) Venus had to be lifted over fences and carried  across Brooks and Muddy (Ditches). Lord knows where the Hare and everyone else got to but I don't recall seeing any of them ever again.. Mary wasn't a good companion she  constantly whined and complained about her aches and pains,  however, In the course of time me and Miss (Bedstead) and (Venus) staggered back to (Base), (Frozen) exhausted and deeply fed up with each other. Yes we both got our half crown , but for what; the Lord of the manor would never know..
Foot note. Sadly, Mary B was never going to be an Emily.


Men are from Mars and women from Venus we are told. Me? I come from the planet Klutzville. If I had a dollar for every time I have gone base over apex I would be a wealthy woman. Very wealthy.
I am permanently covered in bruises. The bedstead is just the right height to gouge into my thigh. It's position never changes, but time after time I run into it Which is stupid, but true.
The prospect of being found dead in a ditch is not out of the question either. If the ground nearby is frozen and slippery I would not be safe. A perfect excuse to stay indoors. Which is not safe either. Sigh.
Vest said…
EC.Most people would find it difficult to be able to come to terms with the health problem that your good self is dealing with at the present.
Finding time to communicate with friends who hold you in high regard and without any pomposity from you within you posts is greatly revered. Nice story. :) T F Calling
River said…
This is a tough word selection, I'll have to think on it a bit.

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