Being alone was dead easy or (Easier), I had long ago discovered, if you become two people, the actor and the observer. The (Actor) was always the same,The actor played many parts; a King, Sailor, or an officer in the French foreign legion for instance Or maybe a  English detective in London's Baker street or a gunner on Lord Nelsons Flagship popping a cannon (Ball) down the barrel of a hot cannon.
"There he goes", I was  able to say about myself, even in the deeply (Unhappy) days at that wretched boarding school when I ran around  a (Frozen) football field, keeping as far as possible from the (Ball), or cantering across the desert sands  on a camel leading my (Platoon of of ex robbers and murderers and at least one British (Duke) dissapointed in love, in a charge against a dissident Arab Shiek  and his army of sabre wielding followers in that not too famous battle of Sidi Ding Dong, where  Arabs illegally 'Bricked' their camels at the water trough near the  date palm oasis. When I eventually stopped dreaming, my character became more sophisticated,  I then  came more under the influence of blogging  and discovering reality and that I was not the only person in this world who was a complete delusionary.
Sorry Gotta go, My shrink is at the door.


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