Words For Friday

These Words are here to assist you or confuse you in your efforts to compose a short story. These words must be used entirely within your own story. This is not an original Idea but evolves from other frequently visited blogs from which I find Interesting. VEST..


 Go ahead, give it a go.

My genuine story follows.


     During school lessons, mild mannered schoolmaster Mr Fowler was flicked behind the ear with an ink shot from a rubber band, A boy named Crabby Harris did the job but somehow I got blamed, which  resulted in me being whacked around the ear by Mr  (Chicken) Fowler. After suffering enough, I jabbed a sharp nib pen up his rear end several times which stopped him beating me.
    Mr Fowler was off sick for a few days and I was found Guilty and received four of the best from  the headmaster.
When Mr Fowler returned I was moved up to 2 A class, Mr Stokes, the Master, was the Mr Chips of the school and revered by all
     George Leatherhead, an accidental  friend within 2 B class was a unusual boy and quite huge for a twelve year old,  his deadpan face would study you and then he would move on. and the best way to stay on side with him  was to be pleasantly polite. George was a nice boy, but easily led, he had a strange accent and his speech  always ended in a blur,  his understanding of the spoken word equaled his delivery, the only reason George was in 2 B  was that the school didn't have a 2 C or 2 D.
     George was very good at soccer, and when ever possible would hog the ball and kick everyone and anything that got in the way, he also had this 'White Knight" instinct, whereupon he would go to the assistance of the oppressed whenever necessary. It was  about a week after the news  Of Crabby Harris  getting me into strife with Chook Fowler filtered through. to George. and as I  was given a friend status by George he took it upon himself to beat the living daylights out of Crabby Harris.
George had no idea how to Box. explaining the rules to him fell on deaf ears, on one occasion in the boxing ring his opponent hit his face, so George head butted him and put the boot in, George when asked Why? he replied ' in his strange accent " youse its' mese Ise its youse back. later when the junior protection group was formed George was put to good use as the 'Hit man'.
Boy was it tough at that school.

Vest.... back soon.



River said…
Oooh! A challenge!
here goes:
The new Home Ec teacher was quite scathing in her reviews of our latest attempt at cooking something edible. "Each STUDENT is required to wear the apron assigned to her for the PROTECTION of the uniform. If you'll all take a good look at Wendy, you'll see why this is so necessary!" Poor Wendy turned fire-engine read as everyone looked at the splatters on her blouse and skirt.
"Furthermore, it is my UNDERSTANDING that a Butter Chicken dinner is supposed to actually contain some CHICKEN. Mary, I do believe that is your package of chicken sitting all alone inside the fridge." Her New Zealand ACCENT spoke of chucken and frudge and my INSTINCT was to burst out laughing, but I quickly stifled that urge as her beady little eyes turned to me. "If all you want to be is an ORDINARY cook, then congratulations Elizabeth, you've made it. But if you wish to be a Chef, as I've often heard you say, you are going to have to work a lot harder."
Congratulations to both of you.
My brain is on strike. I may play later, if it decides to function again.
Vest said…
Thank you both River and E C.
My next post will be "Words for Monday".

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