WHITE RIBBON UNDER SCRUTINY (Read Today's Sydney Telegraph.) Also words for Wednesday

1. Why you should never give a cent to White Ribbon .  Worth a read. Go to Sydney Daily Telegraph on line.  

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                                                Results for words on Wednesday
  1. The infamous Wife beating (BOXER)'Benny the basher from Birmingham', emerged from his favourite pub bar having sunk eight pints of his favourite BREW which had washed down his large serving of SMOKED HAM sandwiches.
    His alcohol fueled BELLICOSE attitude sent him flying as he tripped when his RECKLESS charging down the pub steps sent him flying face first skidding on the hot BITUMEN road - his just reward for drunken behaviour.
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  2. The week of camping under CANVAS became a complete disaster due to the tent ROOF leaking due to the continuing rain.
    JEWEL our PLUM coloured Bitser hound left a PUDDLE of water each time she entered the tent when she; accompanied by Bill - a friend, returned from yet another unsuccessful attempt to POACH a few Pheasants from the game reserve for our lunch, 'WELL THAT'S ANNOYING' Say's I and that's not all, it seems the dog just ate the remainder of the SMOKED HAM left over from yesterday, sorry to have to tell you that but I was writing when the dog came in and I made a mistake in the confusion and have written the word ROOF instead of REEF , how silly of me.
          Vest Back soon.


I thoroughly enjoyed both of your takes on the challenge.
And sadly, too many well meaning charities spend as much (if not more) of the money raised on admin costs.

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