Our 63rd Wedding anniversary celebrations,!

     It was a Chilly morning at 5 am when  we were woken from our slumbers. Having showered and dressed, at 6 am Rosemary  was leaving for the hospital  for Eye Surgery with  Chris our eldest son.
I was home alone with two hungry moggies, after breakfast , I prepared today's dinner and cleaned the kitchen , I then decided to go back to bed from 7-30 am and was wakened at 11 am  on the return of  Rose and Chris from the hospital . Shortly after a phone call from Timothy our No 5 son who is moving to Queensland and who; after singing "Happy Anniversary" requested financial assistance for his move. Tim is always mindful of 'Keeping up appearances' Mrs Bucket's Gay son Sheridan.- always broke.
     It is sunny today with a warm wind from the north - quite pleasant;  a change from the storms and rain, I am still in my pyjamas, must change soon as it is lunch time. ....No one seems interested in lunch, the hospital duo are sleeping off those early hours they missed, and I have just heard that No 2 son Anthony (Tony) is having a Hernia Op today 400 klms down the coast
     Here are pics  from the hospital The Guy in the mask is Doc Chris. and Rosemary the subject for Surgery.


Vest said…
Chris attended the surgery due to Mums Dementia.
Anonymous said…
A strange anniversary celebration but congratulations.
Happy anniversary.
I hope the surgery went well. For mum, and son.
River said…
I hope the surgery is successful and heals quickly.
You've been married almost as long as I've been alive!
Happy Anniversary.
Vest said…
River. Rosemary from Portsmouth and I from London were married in St Christophers church, Jalan Ibraiham,Johore Bahru Johore Malaya 20 6 53, Chris our eldest b 23 9 54. When wed Our ages Rose 18-11m , I 26- 11 m. We lived at Lorong 1 Jalan Storey J B. All of our neighbours were Muslim and friendly.I expect you will discover more about this particular era soon, Thanks for calling.
Andrew Samantha Aliesha Charlotte. said…
River said…
Snap! I was married at 18 years too but a bit more than the 11 months. I married two days before my 19th birthday in 1971, hubby was 23, and just a couple of years home from Vietnam. I met him at 17, a few months after he came home.
Vest said…
River, I met Rosemary when she was 17 and 5 months. The prettiest young lady on the dance floor.
Thank you Andrew, EC, Andrew and Family and River for your comments.

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