These Words are here to assist you or confuse you in your .
efforts to compose a short story. These words must be used entirely within your own story. This is not an original Idea but evolves from other frequently visited blogs from which I find Interesting. VEST.

These words were selected from  the blog of RIVER
You may write your story now if you wish.

                             This is my contribution.

     Although the MYSTERY of the peculiar antics of the visiting sons of Nippon  and their aerobatic performances had been witnessed in and around an area South of the Indian sub CONTINENT( The Indian Ocean)  We were now intent on making our acquaintance yet again. and at that moment in time I would have wished to be elsewhere - any where, however, there was a job  to be done  and despite it being a public holiday for some lucky souls, this Sunday Easter day April 1 and all fools day, it was to become our HOTTEST day yet, when we were due to  RECONNECT with our old foe,  who would be following  our early morning strike  aircraft returning to our A/C Carriers, " Bogey on the Plot All Quarters stand to" Then no fewer than a  dozen of the Sons of Nippon arrived ,Whereupon our INTERACTIVE group on the 'Air Defence Position swung into action
     Later, after the confusion, smoking DRIFTWOOD and other wreckage  from aircraft  Covered the ocean until we moved from the area. Soon after  the Captain arrives and Say's "Well done Lads'' and in his jocular manner grinned when saying" Better wear brown trousers at Action Stations in future"..
Okinawa  45.

VEST... Back soon.


I like the way you wove truth with River's words.
Vest said…
E C. Those were fearful days for me an eighteen year old, and that day was a miniscule amount; a taster for what was to come soon and often. Operation Iceberg March 31 to May 27 1945.
Thankyou for your comment.
Vest said…
Having big problems with my PC, no end to it in sight.
River said…
This is very good, my words woven into a true story. You're clever.

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