It has long been suspected that women talk longer if not louder than men.

In fact women talk almost three times as much, chuntering a staggering 27,000 words a day, compared to men's 9,000. The worst offenders were women  of age 50 and over in  Queensland in Australia and Minnesota in the USA and those in the U/K from north of Bicester and above to County Durham( this Dr crumpet travels a lot,) goes to  the Ginza  in nippon land to meet visiting poms out for a quick screw after discussing the tools of trade with local industrialists.
Japs - they speak more quickly and in north America even quicker still, like Spanish fishwives berating their spouses, coming up for breath every 123 words. Besides this women devote more brainpower to chit chat and cackling like old boiler hens and get a sexual buzz out of hearing their own voices,a female psychiatrist suggests.

Dr Vaginia Crumpet Of Seven Hills University Australia, Say's "This is is caused by the vast differences in the male and female brain.
The sex hormone testosterone responsible for moulding the male brain in the womb, increases the areas for memory and communication but struggles to express their emotions to the same extent.

In contrast women have less brain cells left for communication and the act of speaking triggers a flood of chemicals which gives them a rush similar to that felt by heroin addicts on a high, this can increase if the woman is hooked on a cocktail of prescription drugs.

Dr Crumpet who runs a female 'Mood and Hormone' clinic in Bidwill Near Mt Druitt yacht club in Sydney states one part of the male brain is a small section which enables men to become 'Deaf' to most of the illogical arguments put forward by women. Dr Crumpet also believes the area responsible for sexual thoughts is twice as big in male brains and their brain power is much greater when being involved with sex, and the speech activity is often influenced by the environment we live in. In the north of England women tend to use their position of class and a bit of name dropping to gain access to the minds of others, when completely satisfied there is little more to gain, all niceties are dropped faster than a hot potato , These women are usually influenced by genetically non aligned  family partners who put the screws on all further development preferring to maintain the status Quo  by axing all forms of communication. In Australia she Say's, there is much more subtle communication between men and women, sharing she Say's is the key word, unlike the brutality and divisional strife by our Nth American cousins. In Australia  we become accustomed to being called bastards and recent news makes such a compliment more bearable .
Fortunately most of the more recent aggravating tribal activity  was not in our neck of the woods and was mainly concerning those one point eight metres below ground level. A distance of 12,000 miles keeps us safe from having to duck in a hurry from a woman scorned . David and Chris our lineage researchers have ceased their activities in Australia and are taking up fishing for real fish, these are easier to find with a fish finder than rello's with a bone detector. It is getting rather late so I shall put the remaining J W in the drinks cabinet - say goooooonight to my visitor ...the tree Frog stuck on the window, who is busy eating mozzies trying to access the fly screen. I had intended to watch  Sri lanka beat the England twenty 20 ball bashers cos I dont care a rats arse or a flying fart who wins as long  as they beat the baggy hatter Gay Mr Bingles team of toe rags and tossers, Yawnnnnn!! I better go fini. luvs ya vest.


Anonymous said…
Dad it was a quick turnaround by "B" the the new kid on the block who has disappeared as quickly as she atrrived, but how come?
Vest said…
Hello anon product of my loins, it would seem you are the only person so far to untangle the inuendo within my post.
Anonymous said…
Hi there anon Sibling. Dad did not reply to your Question, but i believe it could be from reading dads history. all that sex before marriage.
Jimmy said…
have to post this here too
its important

While you SCREAM at Ur woman there's a a man wishing he could talk softly in her ear...

While you HUMILIATE, OFFEND & INSULT Ur woman, there's a man flirting with her & reminding her how wonderful she is...

While you make Ur woman CRY there's a man stealing smiles from her...

While you HURT Ur woman, there's a man wishing he could make love to her...
Jimmy said…
suggest u guys read this book
Men from Mars
Women from Venus

u will understand your woman then

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