Guanabee | Introducing The Beatboxing Dog

Guanabee Introducing The Beatboxing Dog


Jimmy said…
this is the height of Laziness
or sud I say the depths of ....
Jimmy said…
I use my BLOGS essentially to save my Google searches in my INDEXED Blogs 167 plus 64 in all

it dont matter if no one reads
the info matter is for me only

So I will continue blogging long after Keshi and Vesty and all the other nasties
Jimmy said…
met Rajeev my class mate worked in INTEL US all his life

now took up another job selling RFID tags to the Indian Military

why is he working his ass out !!
I work only 2 days in a week as a Consultant

rest of the time I am on the nett
chatting up girls in AUS Canada and US

sometimes guys too
Jimmy said…
I learned that God sends friends when we need them the most and every friend has a special purpose in our lives.

some friends become lovers soon

I learned that we often find
new friends in unexpected places.

I learned that despite the distance
between us, a real friendship grows
across the miles.

I learned that though we sometimes
expect someone to kick us down,
a true friend helps us stand back up.

I learned that we should not wait to
express our appreciation for our friends--
if we do, it will be too late.

I learned that we should be open to a
friend's view as two people can look at the
same thing and see something different.

I learned that we should not judge
our friends but respect their
way of life even if we disagree with it.

I learned that we should not only
take the time to talk to our friends,
but we should also listen and try
to understand.
If we can't understand,
we should accept.

I learned that our friends should
always take something good away with
them each time they cross our path.

I learned that friends sometimes
hurt us unintentionally, but we
should forget and forgive.

I learned that friends change
over time and that such change should
be welcomed as it's necessary for growth.

I learned that friends sometimes need
time and space, and we should
be thoughtful and understanding
of their needs.

I learned that you should treat a friend
kindly today, for the people we love the most
are often taken away from us too soon.

I learned that friendship is a candle
that lights our way, and though
it flickers against the
winds of time, distance, and change,
its beauty endures
and shines forever in our hearts.
Jimmy said…
I learnt that ..

Love and Sex are purely animal passions activated by sight smell and taste

if u watch the stray dogs in action
u will understand

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