ARE YOU AN OVERWEIGHT FAT SLOB? Well, you have only yourself to blame

GLUTTONY and gorging yourself on the wrong foods you eat, mainly caused by ignorance, laziness and boredom, is the obese persons path to an early demise.

A DIET of processed meat, full fat dairy products and fried foods is fuelling the worlds growing rates of diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity.

Although Australia is high up the charts internationally, It is in America and Canada where the problem is at its greatest peak, and 25% more, the highest proportion of the porky population are women over 20 years of age- 70% of those are fatties. so men if you are looking for a Nth AM partner; particularly Caucasian, its 4 to i on she is a fatso.

Most people totally ignore the recommended eating habits, men generally have the poorest diets, with fewer than 5% eating the recommended Minimum of five vegetables per day, but counter this by having more exercise and some a physical work program.

Women on the other hand tend to be taking trips to the pantry more often than men.

NOT ENOUGH VEGETABLES. Just 7.5 per cent of adults eat five or more servings per day.

NOT ENOUGH FRUIT. Only 52 per cent eat two or more servings per day.

THE WRONG MILK. 45 per cent of adults only drink full cream milk.

NOT ENOUGH BREADS. Only 10 per cent of adults eat more than four servings per day.

TOO MUCH FRIED POTATO. 21 per cent of adults eat them at least once per week.

TOO MUCH PROCESSED MEAT PRODUCTS. Including sausages , meat pies, pizzas, Frankfurt's, salami, Bacon and Ham. 62 per cent eat them at least once a week World wide, but America and Canada the figures are 85 per cent more than twice per week.

It seems that Middle aged women in Canada & the USA consume more Pork products than any where else in the world, Their taste for Bacon recipes is becoming widespread, which in turn leaves little doubt why their backsides are also widespread.


Jimmy said…
Although Australia is high up the charts internationally, It is in America and Canada where the problem is at its greatest peak, and 25% more, the highest proportion of the porky population are women

Jimmy said…
Me, I love women who are beeg
dont want no Barble Doll
Jimmy said…
India is now no longer a poverty stricken nation

Poverty is still there but only in the remote villages

in the metros Mumbai Delhi Kolkotta Bangalore Hyderabad u will find well nourished women with huge boobs and ass

that is until recently
Jimmy said…
the fashion for women is dictated by Bollywood
Jimmy said…
in the movies of yester year the heroines were voluptious like Liz Taylor and Sophia Loren

and in INDIA we had Rekha
Jimmy said…
today we have copied the West

the heroine in Slum Dog Millionaire Freieda Pinto is far too thin

And Rekha is now slim
and Bipasha Basu too

and Malaika Sherawat
Toronto, Anne said…
of all the bloggers I know in the states and canada who get on the TSHSMOM blog (tweety) is the fattest then other porkies like VANCOUVER there to witness these fat and ugly broads.
Vest said…
Thank you Anne, but this is common knowledge.
Jimmy said…
Anne from Toronto

u got it rong hon
its not fat and ugly baby

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder Anne

In INDIA we go for beeg women.
Jimmy said…
I take offence to the TITLE of this POST too

Fat and over weight is UGLY only in man

coz the extra weight is mostly carried in the beer belly
Jimmy said…
I have a foto with me
I call it BEAUTY and the BEAST

its VEST with a huge beer belly
and the lovely ROSE by his side
Jimmy said…

I used your website as mine to get my friends to visit me

especially VERONICA
direct her to my blog please

Love u guys
Jimmy said…
Little Johnny was sitting in class doing math problems when his teacher picked him to answer a question. "Johnny, if there were five birds sitting on a fence and you shot one with your gun, how many would be left ?"

"None.",replied Johnny. "'cause the rest would fly away."

"Well, the answer is four," said the teacher. "But I like the way you are thinking."
Jimmy said…
Little Johnny then said to his teacher, "I have a question for you now Rose.

If there were three women eating ice cream cones in a shop, one licking her cone, the second biting her cone, and the third one sucking her cone, which one is married?"

"Well," said the teacher nervously, "I guess the one sucking the cone?"
"No," said Little Johnny, "the one with the wedding ring on her finger.

But I like the way you are thinking."
Jimmy said…
Holy shit
who is manning the ship now?

its 7 PM here
so its 11 30 PM there

dont u guys go to bed?
er, I mean sleep
Vest said…
Captain Vest Speaking.
The middle watch are closing up now, at 2355, Ist Lt Chris in the ops room below my night cabin will take command until 0800 - when I shall be on the bridge for the forenoon watch with LT Rose.
Jimmy said…
Aye Aye Sir

sleep well mate
the Ship is safe in our hands
Jimmy said…
contradictory studies concerning foods that are good for you and foods that are bad for you are plentiful.

At a certain point, though, we can feel for ourselves whether coffee or tomatoes are good for us or not.

The answer is different for each individual, and this is something that a scientific study can’t quite account for. All we can do is take in the information and process it through our own systems of understanding.

In the end, only we can decide what information, ideas, and concepts we will integrate.
Jimmy said…
No sooner will we have reached some kind of stability than it will be time to open again to new information, which is inherently destabilizing.

If we see ourselves as surfers riding the incoming waves of information and inspiration, always open and willing to attune ourselves to the next shift, we will see how blessed we are to have this opportunity to play on the waves and, most of all, to enjoy the ride.
Jimmy said…
Remaining open allows us to continually change and shift by checking in with ourselves as we learn new information. It keeps us flexible and alert, and while it can feel a bit like being thrown off balance all the time, this openness is essential to the process of growth and expansion.

Perhaps the key is realizing that we are not going to finally get to some stable place of having it all figured out.

Throughout our lives we will go through the processes of opening to new information, integrating it, and stabilizing our world view.
Jimmy said…
I prefer Agnostics rather than ATHEISTS

Atheists are as dogmatic or rather more than Church goers
Jimmy said…
this is for the young and foolish

No one falls in love by choice,
it is by CHANCE.

No one stays in love by chance,
it is by WORK.
Jimmy said…

So many beauty full women to love
Soo little time

So say all the oldies
VESTY Wally and me too
Jimmy said…
I just found another ROSE
her name is Tessa

I tot she was a hott babe like Rose
but I was verry rong

she is a die hard Christian
preaching the Love of Jesus

thats the way it is

u win some
u dont win some
Jimmy said…
While you SCREAM at Ur woman there's a a man wishing he could talk softly in her ear...

While you HUMILIATE, OFFEND & INSULT Ur woman, there's a man flirting with her & reminding her how wonderful she is...

While you make Ur woman CRY there's a man stealing smiles from her...

While you HURT Ur woman, there's a man wishing he could make love to her...

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