Smoking in the home affects children too.As well as stay at home oldies. Also Dr Do little

Children living in Units flats or apartments are exposed to second hand smoke, even when they don't live with smokers, and don't I know it. Persons smoking outside of the open front door are creating simply a cosmetic approach when smoking outside as it allows  acrid poisonous tobacco fumes to be blown by the wind up the stairs, so  for crying out loud; shut the blessed door. Please.
However, it is better we study the problems created within different types of houses which contribute to exposure to tobacco smoke.
 Having done this we find evidence that high rise apartment/flats were most to blame , where seepage of smoke can occur through walls ceiling fixtures and shared ventilation. Low level homes do not escape scrutiny where children have been known to ingest smoke according to the level of Cotinine in their blood.
This left me with a problem when asked prior to my two previous vascular op's, " Do you smoke"? I replied that I had not smoked since 1986, the reply indicated I was carrying an unhealthy amount of Cotinine in my blood , this has left me with much food for thought.  Better still  it would be more prudent if the persons creating the problem would show some effort on their part to eradicate the problem.

Mortgage problems. Unhinged  Kelly ville couple who have a 450dollar weekly mortgage on their double story four beds, study, two bthrms, / double garage, pool and more - like baggage of  two  male  unemployed teens, two dogs,  two cars and both smoke twenty plus per day, crying unfair about an interest hike.
I suggest the teens join the navy or army or be given the boot out the front door, get rid of the dogs, then stop smoking and my estimate is you will save collectively a minimum of Aud$440 per week, get rid of of one of the cars, then  you may keep one dog;  but make certain the layabouts go .My opinion, Mindless goofs.

This afternoon by arrangement Rosemary and I turned up at our doctors office at 3pm for a 3-15pm appointment, for a simple flu shot. This appointment was made last Friday Am.
On arrival and booking in we sat down in the waiting room and were entertained by a fat lady and her screaming child, fortunately I am partially deaf and under these circumstances it is a godsend .Also present were five other people waiting, then after a while three other people arrived followed by three more around the time the original five had departed. Then it appeared we had been forgotten, as  at ten past four we were the only people waiting; then we had had enough, if we had to wait a further ten minutes or more my appointment with my tax a/c would be forfeited so we left  the docs office unannounced.( more to come on this one)
Back later, May your week turn out to be enjoyable. Vest.

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Vest said…
So you have enjoyed your week.
Comments O.
Vest said…
So ok you whacky Smokers. Are you right in doing that which can cause an early trip to the pearlies for recipients of your second hand smoke , or an even earlier one for you puffing billies and biddies.

As long as you can be avoided , go ahead and smoke.
Smoking is a hideous habit and I shall defend your right to smoke. You may think I am cynical but I am thinking your tobacco taxes will assist future Govt's to maintain a strong pension for non smokers. as for you guys a state pension is not an option assuming you will be departing to the fire and brimstone dept prior to reaching pensionable age.

:Carry on Smoking"
Jimmy said…

Vest is doing a KESHI now
commenting on his own posts
Vest said…
My recent comment on your latest post, follows the pevious comment on your latest post which was posted by myself ten days ago. arn't you a busy boy.

It will take some time to sink in.

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