Guanabee | New Fart Blanket Will Save Your Marriage#comment-70049#comment-70049#comment-70049#comment-70049#comment-70049

Guanabee New Fart Blanket Will Save Your Marriage#comment-70049#comment-70049#comment-70049#comment-70049#comment-70049


Jimmy said…
He was, like any :unmonk, a captive of his desires.

In recent months, Saby had found himself attracted, regrettably not to the pretty young things he met all over the place (for apart from a fierce desire to shag them, there was nothing else he cud imagine doing with them);

rather, he found himself being drawn to the wives in his circle of friends. Women his own age claimed by marriage and scarred by childbirth years before; women who waded comfortably between dirty diapers and Smelly spouses and stressful jobs and thieving servants and occasional bright evenings filled with beer and good cheer.

They laughed easily with him, without that brittle coquetry that younger single women offered in the name of flirting.

They some times shone with all the gloss of a recent visit to the beauty parlor but were more frequently without makeup, displaying casually hirsute underarms and rough-stubbled legs dressed in old shorts

Yet he was seized with feverish desires to taste the beaded sweat on their upper lips as they frowned over some chore, and to bury his nose and mouth and body in the liquid warmth between their thighs.

He wanted to make homes with them. He wanted to fill himself with their comfortable, lazy sexuality.

He wanted to spend hours in their kitchens cooking vast and creative Sunday meals with them, and then spend hours more eating and drinking and lounging around with newspapers, absentmindedly rubbing toes to the distant clatter of maids cleaning up the debris in the kitchen.

He wanted to father their children. He wanted to have litle domestic quarrels about curtains, and long conversations about career issues, and exchange bright little secret jokes in whispers about people they both knew.
It was was time to be married.

-extract from The Red Carpet by Lavanya Sankaran
Jimmy said…
u lazy bum
u just posted a LINK
Jimmy said…
man, may i just say thank you to those who find femme lesbians absolutely stunning

you seem to be few and far between... at least here in denver
which sort of makes me sad
but i know there are those of you who exist
but may i just say.... i was at a club tonight with 1500 women gathered around me...

and... i was one of the most feminine ladies there

yes, i think many think im straight, as if i had it written on my forehead
but im not

no way, jose
its sad a little
to be passed by by my own people
to not even feel seen or noticed
to be stereotyped and generalized because i have long blonde hair, wear mascara, carry a purse, like my breasts, wear tight fitting jeans and high heels...

to be seen as straight... in a gay club. not my fav thing ever. definitely not.
Jimmy said…
but i like being a woman. i like every part of it. i love my body. i love my curves. i love lip gloss and the way my eyes pop when i put on eyeliner.

i like being girly. my lacy pink underwear would never be traded in for boxers... well.. unless they were a lovers on a sunday morning...

but... what im trying to say is i love being feminine.

i find that, at least here in denver, its not the attractive thing.

i see so many of those lesbians with the fohawks, and ties, and plaid, and checkered shoes. they are cute, dont get me wrong... very cute... but they all date each other... the butches who are interested in us femmes seem to be lacking these days...

but thats what gets my motor running
give me a girl who with short buzzed hair
who wears her shirts big, and her pants baggy
who will be glad to open the champagne bottle for me when im too nervous that the cork is going to shoot me in the eye
who may not know how to fix the leaky faucet, but is more than willing to try
who i find so sexy in boxers... or boxer briefs... or hell, even tighty whities
who it comes naturally to be the big spoon
give me that girl
Jimmy said…
shes here
shes around here somewhere
just doesnt seem to be at the largest monthly womens gathering in the country (here in denver, first fridays at tracks nightclub)
how can that be?
well... shes there too..

just matched
those silly lesbians
rarely are we single
always always always dating

someday. someday my princess (prince-ish) charming will come
and she will notice me
and find me so beautiful
in all my feminine glory

not tonight though
it didnt happen for me tonight
so now i dream
ill fall asleep and ill dream of such things occuring

im looking forward to this reality setting in

Jimmy said…
some day Tanya
some day or some night

our dreams will come true
u will find your girl

and I will find my woman
the olderr girl
Jimmy said…

“If the Lord made anything better than a woman, He kept it for Himself.” — Jerry Lee Lewis

An older, single woman usually has had her fill of "meaningful relationships" and "long-term commitments."

Can't relate? Can't commit? She could care less. The last thing she needs in her life is another whiny, dependent lover!

Older women are sublime. They seldom contemplate having a shouting match with you at the opera or in the middle of an expensive dinner. Of course, if you deserve it, they won't hesitate to shoot you if they think they can get away with it.

Most older women cook well. They care about cleanliness. They're generous with praise, often undeserved.

An older woman has the self-assurance to introduce you to her women friends. A young woman often snarls with distrust when "her guy" is with other women. Older women couldn't care less.
Jimmy said…
Women get psychic as they age. You never have to confess your sins to an older woman. Like your mother, they always know.

Yes, we geezers praise older women for a multitude of reasons. These are but a few.

Unfortunately, it's not reciprocal.

For every stunning, smart, well-coifed babe of 75 there's a bald, paunchy relic with his yellow pants belted at his armpits making a fool of himself with some 22-year-old waitress.
Jimmy said…
Ladies, I apologize for my fellow geezers. That men are genetically inferior is no secret. Count your blessings that we die off at a far younger age, leaving you the best part of your lives to enjoy and appreciate the exquisite woman you've become.

Without the distraction of some demanding old coot clinging and whining his way into your serenity.

— Frank Kaiser
Jimmy said…
Hey ROSE, VEST, Wally and gang
Come to INDIA
Cost of Living - cheap in INDIA
Jimmy said…
The Rupee is the currency in India and the rate of exchange specifies that one Euro correlates 60 Rupees.

Costs of studying

The costs of studying abroad in India are almost nothing. The most expensive investment is the flight (to go there and to come back). In addition the HS Bremen has a cooperation with the Indian Institute of Technology Madras, thus we did not have to pay fees for studying in Chennai.

Normally joining one of the seven IIT’s in India is one of the most expensive possibilities to study in Asia.

Living expenses

The living expenses are very low but they also depend on the personal way of living. Western products and some special restaurants can only be paid by tourists or high-class/caste Indians. On the one hand it is possible to get food and drinks in the mess for less than one Euro on the other hand people can afford to visit a five stars restaurant in the middle of Chennai to enjoy a great meal on the 20th floor for about ten Euro.

Thus, for westerners, the price-performance is entirely satisfactory. But furthermore alcohol is relatively high priced for Indian circumstances. Whereas travelling is relatively cheap.
Jimmy said…
Costs of travel

For short trips within the city people normally use a rickshaw. In India it is all about bargaining. The drivers always try to charge a highly over-priced fee – especially to foreigners – but bargaining is very important in order not to spoil the price market.

Going by train is comfortable but very time-consuming (ex: 450 km in 9 hours – Chennai – Madurai).

That’s why night trains are a nice way to go from one point to another. Travelling by plane is also possible with the Indian no-frills airline AirDeccan.

Buses are the cheapest but also the hardest and most strenuous way to journey. Indian buses and roads are completely different to European ones.

Finally the public transport system is well organized and the railway system is splendidly constructed and one of the biggest in the world. Plenty of connections are offered by the Indian ministry of transport and the price-performance is exceedingly good.
Jimmy said…
The high Seasons are between May and July and December and March.

During this time it is costly to visit India, prices of hostels are partly 5 times higher than during the off-season.

Most of the time we paid for a double room less than 6 Euro a night during the off-season. There are different entrance fees (museum, zoo, sights etc.) for Indians and foreigners.

Our student identity card allowed us to pay the “Indian” price which is mostly just a tenth of the “foreigner” price.

Financial assistance

It is possible to get financial assistance for the semester abroad. The Federal Education and Training Assistance Act (Bafög) offers support for people who want to study abroad but the application must be submitted about eight months before leaving Germany to get the money on time. Besides the DAAD tenders a program to support German students who want to go abroad.

Extracted from the “my stay in India” report by Lisa! See the full report here.

Lisa is a lovely german girl that I met in india, and we had a great time with all the indian IIT team… :-)


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