"Well Done Jessica Watson, A great Achievment"

On the surface I see Jessica Watson as a well adjusted teenager who had made a studied review of all the possibilities of her intended sailing around the world adventure. although I might see it as an opportunist thingy, meaning few others being enriched with the time wealth and backing as this talented -and Pretty young lady was afforded. Her overwhelming reception on her return to Sydney brought her and her well wishers to tears,  and was a great moment for all to reflect upon.
But of OZ boy Number one our PM Kevin Rudd had to shove his snout in the glory trough , his impromptu speech? which he was continually looking down at to refer to, was his speech writers glory and hero twaddle which was corrected by Jessica Watson Who echoed my own opinion when she replied to the PM that She may be referred to as a great achiever but '\"Mr PM I am not a Hero, That is something reserved for people who put their lives on the line for their Country."
However, no doubt we shall continue to listen to the journalistic crap relating to over paid sporting Icons being called heroes whose greatest achievements  are a large bank balance or a gold medal whereas the real heroes who gave their all - their life to their country are awarded the 'Victoria Cross' Which incidentally is made of  Bronze, So  future third place bronze Olympic winners take heart, you may not be an Olympic, hero but you tried your best and gave it your all,as did  those who gave their lives for their country.


Jimmy said…
"Mr PM I am not a Hero, That is something reserved for people who put their lives on the line for their Country."

VEST joined the NAVY
coz he had no other job

he was unemployable
all army navy and air force men are mercenaries

my bloody foot
Jimmy said…
VEST is atheist
I am an IDOL Basher

we create HEROES where none exist
only a dumb guy wud join the Army for love of cuntry

the GENERALS are the wise guys
they make money

and when they retire they will sell BOFORS guns to the military

arms peddlers
good money here
Kate ..fb. said…
I thought there would be more praise for Jessica for performing a feat of that magniyude. Kate luvs ya vesty xxx.
Jimmy said…
During many interviews I am often impressed at the level of responsibility that was thrust upon our Veterans so early on in their lives. I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Mr. Doug Dickson, who served in the RAF as a pilot instructor for the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan. ‘The Plan’ as it was known, was a massive aviation program that trained allied airmen for the war effort. By the end of the war, over 130,000 pilots, air gunners, navigators, bomb aimers, and wireless operators had learned their trades in the uncluttered skies of Western Canada.

Mr. Dickson was 17 years old when he joined the RAF and he quickly proved to be a gifted pilot. At 18 years of age he was already teaching new pilots how to fly as part of ‘The Plan’ in Alberta. By the time he turned 19 years old, Mr. Dickson was a qualified instructor on Tiger Moths, Airspeed Oxfords, Avro Ansons, Cessna Cranes, T-6 Harvards and Cornells. By that time he was also instructing other instructors on how to train new aviators. By the time I was 19 years old, I could be counted upon to sleep in and miss the bus for class. I might have driven, but at that point I hadn’t even bothered to get a driver’s license. So by 19 years of age, I wasn’t even qualified on a Hatchback. After my conversation with Mr Dickson, I had to shake my head at myself.

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