What no Aussie Ball Bashing Heroes

There are few long lasting so called cricketing heroes in OZ Strayer today. there will be a deadly silence from cricket writers with sod all  to vomit their praise upon.  The pre hype to this ball thumping cricket final when it was suggested that although the Australian batting was not over extended the Oz bowling was and with Chuckers Tait and Johnson intending to squeeze Englands balls through the mangle and the pre arranged Write ups and  wild celebrations  failed completely in every aspect.
 Unfortunately or should I say sadly the weak knee 'd  cock sure Aussies led by the Wimpy former Mr Bingle didn't quite cut the mustard  by losing to a so called lesser placed England more than convincingly.

(Aus -147 for 6 in 20 overs )  (England  - 148 for 3 in 16 overs)

No doubt we will hear the whinging about  South Africans.

But Aussies should not forget  Afrikaner Keppler Wessels and the sorry sight of Kim Hughes and  P M Bob Hawk Crying in their beer when losing a test match.


Jimmy said…
I hate the bloody BRITISHERS for bringing CRICKET to INDIA

and I thank the PORTUGUESE for teaching me FOOT BALL (soccer)
Jimmy said…
OK this is not CRICKET
so what?
Jimmy said…
in the GITA the BIBLE of the Hindus
it says

what happened
is happening
and going to happen is GOOD for u


Now u dont know how it is good
but some day u will praise God for all the whipping u gott from the Padres and Nuns

it happened with me too
my depression
my business collapse

my attempted suicide
it was all for my good

now I know it for sure
WALLY. said…
England won from the st, art of the 20 twenty gameand i'm glad your pleased vesty.
Jimmy said…
only the OLDIES who cant run and kick ball, watch CRICKET on the TV
Vest said…
CRICKET: ICC President David Morgan insists officials are "extremely vigilent"
when it comes to spot-fixing after Pakistan's Danish Kaneria was arrested in a betting probe. Kaneria and a colleague at English county side Essex, Mervyn Westfield, have been arrested in connection with a police investigation into betting.

Late payments to players involved in the INDIAN twenty 20 league are still being ivestigated. police have narrowed their investigation to a group of crooks of Portuguese origins operating in the Mumbai area. An Aussie blogger fron NSW Australia has pointed the finger at the main suspect, an arrest is expected shortly.
lower deck lawyer. said…
So the demise of Michael Clarke's future cricket captaincy is imminent due to his so called inept handling of the twenty-twenty games.
Isn't it a shame we have to win all the time. Are we becoming a nation of sore losers, I must agree though that the ex Mr Bingle hardly comes over for the right type for the job, looks Fem to me - got a squeaky voice too. Mike.
Jimmy said…
Isn't it a shame we have to win all the time

thats the way a LOOSA talks Wally

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