!948 May 14 0730. Goodbye Palestine. Zionist leader David Begurion reads Israel's declaration of independance at Tel Aviv as Arab neighbours prepare for war.

"All hands clear the port side of the upper deck" this was the last British command heard by residents on shore at Haifa as the British six inch gun light cruiser7,000 tons the HMS Mauritius under the command of Captain Lord Ashbourne left the Palestinian harbour under fire from snipers ashore whilst leaving most of the pranged berthing wires behind as a momento for the new Govt of Israel; due to take the reins of control under PM David Bengurion at the stroke of midnight, bringing together the Haggana and Stern Gang and resident Arabs in mortal combat which continues to this day. Vest (that's me) was very pleased to be clear of the harbour and heading home to the U/K via Malta and Gibraltar.


WALLY said…
It must have been a feeling of relief vesty.
Vest said…
All in a days work Wallly. but great memories of being in - on the job boarding parties risking life and limb.
However in a mathematical sense the timing of my arrival on the ship as a replacement crew 27-11-47and completing five boarding jobs, the largest being involved with was illegal immigrants 7,000 and us 14 in the boarding crew on the Pan York,(Google The Pans) and the termination of conflict May 14 meant I was ten days short of a medal(six months min) whereas non combatants on the ship(watchers on)who enjoyed the scenes and sunny Mediteranean beyond six months did get a gong. Absolute British bollocks.
Anonymous said…
But that is History you silly old bugger.
Vest said…
Anon: The voice of a non combatant Wimp.
.CA. said…
Vest some of your callers should click on to this.
Brain Training Games
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Vest said…
CA I Have seen that before somewhere.
Jimmy said…
ISRAEL has no future
the JEWS are on stolen land
Jimmy said…
this is verry important for married men to know ..

While you SCREAM at Ur woman there's a a man wishing he could talk softly in her ear...

While you HUMILIATE, OFFEND & INSULT Ur woman, there's a man flirting with her & reminding her how wonderful she is...

While you make Ur woman CRY there's a man stealing smiles from her...

While you HURT Ur woman, there's a man wishing he could make love to her...
Jimmy said…
its kinda funny
the spoils of WAR

the Victors in WW II made the Rules for future generations and also wrote the history of WWII

the WAR crimes tribunal hunting NAZIS
the beegest war crime was done by USA

Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki= not a military target but a civilian population

Palestine land was gifted for the formation of ISRAEL

NPT not allowing any other nation to go NUCLEAR

US UK Russia CHINA France - just 5 nations having monopoly in Nuclear Trade
Vest said…
And for all people Jewish, it could be her as well!. We are having roast leg of pork on this kosher sabbath, washed down with grog galore and a trip to the club to unwind, Burp.
It is good to feel free from eccleslastical traditions.
Jimmy said…
and Jesus it was who said

God dont give a damn what u put in your mouth
its what comes out that matters
Eddy Jones. said…
Hello Les
Getting on well with your book, I am up to where you are going to the Isle of man.
these five pages are what i said in 2003, a chap on the school site was asking people for there memories, before we all pegged out.
As you can see a lot was the same as your time there, our memories must be the same. I can remember being hungry all the time, must be the reason why we so small.
I was 5ft 5ins and 7 stone when i joined up at 17. In the dining hall you had
a head boy who dished the food out, those at the top of the table got the most. when slogger harrington was on he would march everyone around the table so sometimes you was head boy and got plenty to eat. The cricket has worked out well with england playing the Aussies, should be a good final.
Cheers edward jones, know as tom in stowmarket
Vest said…
Thanks Eddy . I shall email you shortly.

Also thanks Mandy and David for your presence and for a most enlightening weekend.

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