Indonesian values differ from those in Australia.

Australian Values differ from those of our neighbour Indonesia

Chapelle Corby, The 27 year old Australian beauty consultant,has been  incarcerated in a Indonesian prison for a period of 20 years, for allegedly smuggling 4.5 kilos of Marijuana.

Corby will receive no special privileges apart from comfort gifts of food and personal items. It is not expected that, the Australian Govt will assist Corby, or interfere in the case.

A un-named Indonesian drug offender, serving 4 years in a Australian prison for a similar offence, has been afforded the privilege of 'Day Release', so that he is able to earn aprox Aus$400-00 per week to enable to him to support his Indonesian dependants.

The Senior Indonesian Judge responsible for the conviction of Corby, is paid a salary To the equivalent of Aus$7,000-00 per Annum .

A Single Australian Male; Dole Recipient,is awarded the equivalent of Aus$12,500-00 Per Ann. for doing absolutely sod all.

The Indonesian Prisoner In Australia on day release earns the equivalent of Aus$20,800-00 per Ann.

Now this info is available in Indonesia, We can now expect a plethora of Indo drug courier zombies arriving in OZ to enjoy the good life.


Eddy Jones. said…
Hello Vest
Just to let you know received your very generous gift at lunchtime today,
Am really looking forward to reading it. ref your appendix, most of the staff were the same when i first went there in 45. Slogger harrington was still in the navy and came back in 46. Remember pa tipple, always had a dewdrop on the end of his nose.
Every month we had to go and see the sister and get a dose of mist alba, he was very busy then. We had a Mr Haslam who taught gunnery, he was an old man and he died in my first year. Sid pointer taught signals, i can honestly say he was the only officer who everyone liked. Most treated us as if we were in a reform school and not waifs and strays. Fred hall was another nice man, He gave me a cut down cricket bat for scoring a few runs in a cricket final. I have a photo somewhere of mr Runcie, he was the tailor, he had an assistent, who was also disabled, when you went to see them they would both be sitting on their very large table stitching away.
I had a quick look in your book, looked at your photos, you were a handsome young man. I have over 80 photos of watts, i am on one of them on the quarter deck for morning prayers. who is les bowyer, was he at watts in your time.
Best wishes from eddy jones, hope you have got over your dizzy spell.
Vest said…
Thank you Eddy. I liked your ego boosting reference to me in the last paragraph.
C A. said…
I have been led to believe most people over 65 are in the main computer illiterate or too lazy to learn new skills. This website is producing a range of info that I really look forward to reading, despite the occasional rebuke from you. and you being nearly as old as Methusela himself.
Vest said…
CA: Thank you for the compliments , I am feeling much loved today, but the tears in my eyes are the result of conjunctivitis which is becoming quite bothersome at this moment in time.
Your Methuselah retort could backfire, you see sport- in the book of Genesis around the time of the great flood and all that, the mean expectation of life was considerably lower than it is today, (More like that of the Indian Sub Continent) However, this is where your USA brain will become muddled.
If you divide the age of Methuselah by thirteen, that is 969 by 13, you will discover Methuselah lived to the ripe old age of nearly 75 years. This answer comes about being that all lunar months were referred to as years in so called bilical times.

Have a thoughtful day, vest.

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