Guanabee | Fotopost: What’s The Bigger Crime, Human Trafficking Or That Hair?

Guanabee Fotopost: What’s The Bigger Crime, Human Trafficking Or That Hair?


Jimmy said…
About Me
Allergic to deceit and political correctness (been there, tried that, doesn't work--too lazy).

Retired from dating. Constantly in a state of improvement. That should give you a hint about where I started from.

Fan of most people except highway slowpokes. And meanies (if you're a bully, I'm your worst nightmare). Otherwise, I'm the world's biggest bleeding heart.

Adore, love, am nuts about dogs and cats. One in particular, The Most Spoiled Cat In The Universe, runs my life.

Slightly reformed black belt shoppper. Katherine Hepburn is my hero(ine). Some folks have blood in their veins, I have music (no talent, just love the stuff).

and I love that nut Saby
Jimmy said…
Guess who that was ....
Vest said…
Jimmy it is or was the profile of Bridget Jones from Canada. thought I would not remember didn't you clever dick.
Jimmy said…
Ya Right
where is Bridget ?

she left me without saying bye
no kisses no huggs no nothing

she just disappeared
Vest said…
JIMMY: I am aware Bridget is reading some of my posts, she sent an Email noreply when I posted my 600th post after five years of blogging.
She ceased blogging some time back. she was a nice person but scared of any backlash from the coven of witches led by the garage builders in Ranier Minesota - their chief tshsmom, who could be seen riding her six cylinder broomstick with her dog 'Haiirry' at night when Macfarlanes lantern was at its brightest.
Jimmy said…
Oh Ok
i tot she panicked coz I was coming on too heavy with her

I still have the hottz for her
tell her
WALLY. said…
wot is Macfarlanes lantern Vesty?.
tqmcintl said…
I am real sorry to hear your story
I was in a much bigger mess

but thanks to a pal Pratap Singh, he bailed me out
He paid the guys I owed money and the bankers too

and I paid him back many years later by selling my appartment and shifting to a cheaper locality
Now I am back on my feet and doing good

We all have to go through UPs and DOWNs in life Becky
for some its money probs for others health for some marital probs

and for some a combo of all
but dont DESPAIR

Keep the FAITH
its that JOKER God

He puts u into situations
just for the funn of it seems

but NO
there is a purpose

some day u will see it and PRAISE the Lord

as I am doing now
bcoz of the bad times

I changed my business
divorced my wife

and am now really happy
in LIFE and LOVE too

yes I am free now to love all the beauty full women (and u)
on planet EARTH
Vest said…
Yesterday the funeral of my friend Harry Arthur Lidbetter went off with little fuss and with great dignity.
More the pity that Stan also a friend turned up with a Royal Navy White Ensign after after someone had draped the coffin with the Australian Navy Ensign. Harry, StanLey myself and others now well in their eighties did the Hard yards for the benefit of Australia with the British Pacific Fleet during WW2. Unlike my forty years some of these men have resided in Australia most of their adult life prior to serving as children in the Royal Navy and despite all and being Astralians by choice were denied the basic award to similar serving Australians.
To me it seemed the draping of the Australian Ensign on Harry's coffin was an admittance at least he deserved a Posthumous Goldcard.
Vale Harry. Les Bowyer of Budgewoi, On behalf of the King George V Association.
Chiefy. Formid. said…
I served on the Aicraft carrier HMS Formidable. One of Our navy pilots Lt H Gray a Canadian was awarded a Victoria Cross on Aug 9.1945 he gave his life like many other Royal Navy Sailors for benefit of Australia. I was a Boy seaman aged 16 & nine months when I left England for australia on the Formidable at op Iceberg Near Sakashima gunto near Okinawa We were hit by Four kamikases in one day lots of my mates were killed all for the benefit of Australia. I came here to Australia in 1968 after a lifetime in the navy
I reckon Those Vet Affairs goons and non combatant pollies spend more on the dead than the living.
Them and their bloody memorials. Ill be 83 soon but wheres my bloody gold card.
Vest said…
At Harry's Wake, us comrades in arms were all dressed alike, as in fully booted and spurred etc, when this little girl said "you must have been very brave" while counting my awards and campaign medals. I left her slighty confused by explaining, "yes darling, but most of the time I was wearing Brown Trousers'.

Chiefy: I believe you have commented here some while ago, Right?
Vest said…
Wally; Keep it secret, Macfarlanes lantern is 'THE MOON'.
Jimmy said…
There are BRAVE men who are intelligent and Wise

and there are BRAVE men: just IDIOTS who want to be HEROES
Jimmy said…
"yes darling, but most of the time I was wearing Brown Trousers'.

thats a WISE brave man
Brown is the color of SHIT for all

it dont matter if u r white black or brown

SHIT is brown for all
Jimmy said…
the Myth of the macho man ..

Anne Koedt is a United States radical feminist and NY based author of The Myth of the Vaginal Orgasm, 1970, the classic feminist work on women's sexuality.

She was connected to the group New York Radical Women and was a founding member in October 3, 1969 of New York Radical Feminists in the group's first consciousness-raising and organizing group, The Stanton-Anthony Brigade, with Shulamith Firestone, Diane Cruthers and Minda Bikman among others.

Koedt's December 1969 Politics of the Ego, A Manifesto for New York Radical Feminists was first published in Notes from the Second Year and later in her anthology Radical Feminism listed below.

A several page excerpt from this manifesto continued to be circulated as part of the 1976 "Introduction to New York Radical Feminists" pamphlet until the NYRF post office box closed in 1989.

Abortion Rally Speech, 24 March 1968
The Myth of the Vaginal Orgasm, 1970
Lesbianism and Feminism, 1971 pamphlet distributed by the CWLU
Anne Koedt, Ellen Levine, and Anita Rapone (eds.) Radical Feminism,
Jimmy said…
A little boy and a little girl, on a beach, are arguing. Little boy says to the little girl, "I have a Nintendo!"

Little girl says, "Oh yeah, well I have a Sega and a Nintendo!"

Little boy says, "So, my dad's a doctor!"

Little girls says, "My dad's an astronaut!"

Back and forth they went, each one trying to outdo the other until finally the little boy pulls down his shorts and proclaims, "But I have one of these!!!!" and shows the little girl his penis.

The little girl, not being able to retaliate, gets up and goes home. The next day, the little girl spots the little boy and proudly announces, "My mom said that with one of these (pointing to her's) I can get as many of those as I want!!!!!!

Love and kisses
Amy. Swansea. said…
Jimmy - why do you always comment about crumpet and sausages, dont you have any other hobbies other than Wanking?
Jimmy said…
u dont see it

u see me and Wally and Vest
the OLDIES did not have the benefit of the findings of Shere Hite and Masters and Johnsons

also the new gen our kids and grand kids dont read

So I am trying to educate them
and your kids too
Jimmy said…
RECIPE for happy ness for man

1. It's important to have a woman who helps at home.

2. It's important to have a woman who cooks from time to time.

3. It's important to have a woman who keeps the house clean.

4. It's important to have a woman who has a job.

5. It's important to have a woman who likes you.

6. It's important to have a woman who can be your very best friend.

Yes u need six women WALLY
dont no how VEST managed with just one
Jimmy said…
of Animals and MAN, the beast

dont know how to make u understand my wanting u is but animal desire

and dont u tell me that animals are beasts
An animal will not kill for sport

animal will not hoard food
animals dont go to WAR

animals only go by God given instinct for food love and sex
and they do all this passionately

they dont need docs and shrinks
as we do

- a chat with Sally, the preachers wife
Jimmy said…
the chat continues ..

OK Sally baby
u win

u r truly Gods Angel
but u r not just spirit

u have body too
and your body wants love

and u r not getting it from your dear hubby now
and I am not getting any too hon

I want u
I need u

and u too want and need me Sally
FACE it Sally

its true
u cant deny the TRUTH hon

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