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The simplified spelling society (www.spellingsociety.org), est1908, is on roll to modernise English spelling and is receiving most support from texters and E mailers.

While the society has been arguing to make the LERNIN of SPELIN EZIER, it is academic for users of 21st CENTRI instant communication technology.

There is no need for a society to lobby for simplification, it is being done right now, all English Spelling Pedants with their rules and exceptions can go to fiddlesticks.

The S S S (Sounds like the new fascist order of spelling) wants the changes implemented Now! and Brought into official use by2010, its centenary year.

I for one do not think it is a great Idea as I have taken 80 bloody years to learn and earn a possible 80 percent pass mark in English (And I am English) A few months back I received criticism from two persons within the blogosphere regarding the quality of my writing , learned people with few other skills if any other than being able to confuse people with their parchment and Quill trickery, my reply to them using nautical language was not answered.

English has a possible 3,500 commonly used words that do not follow the 90 odd English spelling patterns. For example et as in pet is the same sound as in threat: ate in mate is the same as in great and so on.

Other languages are not so complicated,. German has 800 non pattern words Spanish 600 and Italian 400. Then there are the sounds , yes, there are 12 different ways to spell the sound of EE in English.

The exceptions and similarities of English is time consuming and difficult and is the main cause of low literacy standards, when compared to most non English speaking countries.

It takes only two years at school for Italian speakers to become confident spellers.

Mind you we are all aware that the Italians have the most advanced system of body language, like arm waving gesticulations sometimes described as Roman Semaphore.

But the best argument of all is that if we had simplified phonetic spelling, spelling homework would be banished forever. Shorli u kids wood like that.


Anonymous said…
And for the American- English speaking church of England priest the critic of my sentence structure.
I suggest you start re-writing the Church of England Hymnal.
Christine said…
I may not be the best speller in the world or use the correct grammar at all times but this recent use of text talk or whatever it's more fashionably called drives me up the wall.
I have younger friends on (dare I whisper it "FACEBOOK"), who use this form of communication all the time, I can't understand a word of it, maybe that's what it's all about, to keep us oldies in the dark
Jimmy said…
But the best argument of all is that if we had simplified phonetic spelling, spelling homework would be banished forever

that is true
but it wud Duck up the Queens English for ever
Jimmy said…
some words have all ready been changed by the Americans

centre is now CENTER
Hello is just Hi

Know is now NO
lets make love in the moonlight by the sea is now ....

give me is GIMME
Come is now CUM
and cumming

the following Hindi words is now ENGLISH

Guru ...

more to add later
Jimmy said…
the BIBLE has all ready been rewritten in HIPPY LANG

for your info Annony mouse
OXFORD Relative said…
Thinking aloud after reading your recent letters to all known relatives in the U/K. including more recent arrivals which I am referring to by inferring that one individuals hail fellow well met messages closed with signs of affection were short lived after gleaning any necesarry information for the family tree, some indicators of affection may have been finally eradicated by disinterested non biological section of the fem persons baggage collected from a previous liason or her current Squire and his baggage. Although I don't want to be a Nosey parker(Pun intended) why not do a cold call during your proposed visit in july? regards xxxx.
Vest said…
Oxford Relative: Colloquially speaking (Aus) I couldn't care a rats arse if that is the way the cookie is crumbling, from reading ancient parchments hidden in musty pommie archives since 1916 there is another likelihood of more relatives emerging from the loins of VVMB, there being a slack period of eight years until 1924 when the B.....rs breeding commenced. Thank you for your call, stay tuned. Aus rello.

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