Cindy has posted these prompts on her blog.

I shall use all of these Words.
      IT was the year of 1954. Hands up those who remember this.

       THE  contents of the misery ledger were spilling worldwide, both robbery and murder were becoming more commonplace this being due to to abolition of capital punishment  by the many forms of execution, in so called 'non third world countries' the USA being the exception to this idea  due to its 2nd amendment and its gun laws getting in the way and still is..
      During this year of 54 Humphrey Bogart and Audrey Hepburn were at their peak, Heath Ledger and Brian ferry were in short pants. and a new Despot had emerged in Tobruk  Libya.
      Meanwhile , back in Paris France; a Jewish Lawyer Pierre Mendes France  became (the first Post war french prime minister to stay in office for more than six months), he made the decision to withdraw french troops from Indo China.as Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam were known by at the time..
      Still in 54, Much married Eddie Fisher wed Debbie Reynolds , whom he cast aside later for the charms of Liz Taylor.
      Rolling strikes were becoming the norm in the UK and political stirrer Enoch Powell MP for Smethwick Birmingham Was stirring the bucket by saying "Send the bastards back!! Also  my small family , Rosemary  Baby Chris and I , Sailed on the SS Dorsetshire from Singapore to the UK.. Prior to all of this happening an earthquake occurred in IRAN on my 28th Birthday.
The final word POOH if it means what I  believe it does, I shall consider that, enough has been stirred already.

Vest Daily Gaggle.com .... Back soon.


I like the way you weave the words into historical recounting. Mind you, I am firmly against capital punishment.
Elsie Hanlin. said…
This is very well done Les :) I'm still staring at the lists of words with a blank slate uppermost in my mind. in 1954 I was one or two years old, depending on which end of the year it was.

Vest said…
E C. Being born with a functioning noddle and maintaining a journal helps. There are times when I switch my opinion on C P.
Vest said…
River AKA Elsie. I am honoured by your compliment, you charmer.
Chris Bowyer said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Vest said…
Unknown or AKA SEDENTARY Sid. A very sterile concoction of words, To quote in terms like gaggle of geese. A bone idleness of prose.
Cindi said…
love the flashback in time!
Clever Dick. said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Vest said…
Cindy Summerlin.
Thank you. Also reading your profile reveals an interesting life.
Vest said…
U K . Stay with F B and Simple like and Not like chatter. its your best form .
Due to your uncomplimentary remarks Off Line you are not welcome here until you apologize.
G B,
Lee said…
An interesting use of the words, Vest. Well done, indeed! :)

However, '54 was a bit early for Heath Ledger...he wasn't born until 1979. He'd not yet made an entry into the Ledger ledger at that stage.

If there is not a scrap of doubt...I think capital punishment is what some wastes-of-oxygen and space deserve. Just call me "Cold-Hard-Hearted Hannah"...I don't mine. :)
Vest said…
Lee. Thank you for calling. However, there may have been zillions of Guys with that handle -and in shorties at that time in 54..
I once knew a sailor in the R N named Bogart, Whether or not his given name was Humphrey I am uncertain, but you can be sure it was what he was called.
Lee said…
Oops! Sorry...my intention - re Heath Ledger - wasn't to sound like a smart arse.

Please excuse my typo, too...."mind" instead of "mine", is what I meant to type.

Upon reading your profile in detail...I'm glad I did...because by reading it I was reminded of a book I'd not thought about in years and years...a book I'd read, and enjoyed, when I was a child, many moons ago....R. M. Ballantyne's - "The Coral Island; A Tale of the Pacific Ocean".

Now I must read it again!! No doubt, the local library will have a copy....hopefully.

Vest said…
LEE. It must be years since reading Coral Island. I am reminded of the delicacy favoured by some Pacific tribes who would raid other tribes and carry off the young girls to marry into their own tribe and the young boys they captured were destined to become'Long Pig' on the Barby. KIWI tribes particularly.

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