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      Despite the imagination of my readers being off key - most believing me to be a large and amiable old bumble bee in huge grey flannels wrapped in an all encasing belt, puffing about, then, and then only, shall I have solved the problem of clothes.
       But meanwhile,some words of advice. Firstly I have bagged a heap of clothing for Vinnies or sally Ann or the bin whichever comes first due to my weight descending in fifteen months from 115 Kilos to its present 84 Kilos, this weight loss comes at the expense of the local club and booze and over eating and simply moving around a bit more and a sensible diet - cutting down on spuds bananas burgers and meat pies.
      More advice. (1)Never take any exercise. Exercise develops the muscles, and when once muscles have been developed,they have to be banged to prevent them turning into fat. It is extremely painful to be banged. (2) when young,always have your clothes made a little too large for you.
This , as the real estate agents say, will give you a margin for development. (3) Concentrate on colour rather than shape. (4) Cultivate on impression of vitality rather than of Gothic  or weired  this can be done by slapping the thighs, it is curious how  a man becomes vital with a bit of thigh slapping. (5) Be very successful in your public life. Fame, more than anything else, enable's one to wear comfortable and even becoming clothes. (6) Avoid elegance in any form after the age of 25.
      And yet, and yet....It is all very difficult. You see,. I have said very little about clothes really because they do not interest me.  What does interest me  is the inevitable approach of the sit and grunt period of later middle and old age . Can clothes retard its approach, or disguise its advent? They can do nothing of the kind. The worst thing, I fear, about  being no longer young is that one is no longer young
My best gold buttoned Blazer is too large now its matching trousers too . even older blue and black jeans have been replaced by cool gear fitting my slender but aged body and  I feel great in them, my profile from astern seems thirtyish or maybe forty. wishful thinking.. no I shall not turn around.

 Vest Daily Gaggle  Back soon.


I am very glad to hear that your clothing has been replaced by cool gear to cover your slender nakedness. And hope it is supremely comfortable.
Anonymous said…
I think it is wise to spend more money on clothing when you are older. Youth can get away with anything. I remember seeing a chap who must have mid to late eighties in the street and he looked just great. All I saw of him was his face and nice clothing. I want to be like that when I am older, I thought. A few minutes later I came across him again, sitting on a bench in the street puffing away on a cigarette.
Chris Bowyer said…
Please note that muscle cannot turn into fat and fat cannot turn into muscle.
Vest said…
Hello Unknown . Unknown is known to me he is around 130 kilos and lives a sedentary lifestyle in front of a computer, he is also a Facebook freak, and he has yet to clean up the dinner things left on the kitchen bench.
Vest said…
EC. First again. ..,. Yes I have indulged in a few more pieces of colourful clothing and I feel all the more better for it.
Vest said…
Andrew From Melbourne.I can smell a smoker from a great distance , like a sniffer dog. it permeates their clothing and their breath tells the same story. TFC.
ANDREW B said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Vest said…
ANDREW B. Thank you NO 4 Son.

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