A Petulant Captain.

Being an Australian of English descent I don't find it easy when international sporting activities plunge me into a problem  of choice, and I tend to observe things in the press and on the playing field that dyed in the wool Dinki di Aussies fail to see, Some of the crap and bilge snorted out by OZ cricket writers is unbelievable garbage the word Pom describing any British person is derogatory and insulting as someone referring Aussies as a bunch of Bludgery Galah's, Abo's or Wogs. The game of cricket in time honoured  five day test form can be fairly boring at times until  a batsman gets out bowled, caught or something or other then the bowler gets his  back  and Bottom slapped and is generally hugged by his team mates and sometimes kissed especially if you are an Aussie and better still from Van diemansland or  Melbourne Vic.
 Last Friday the skulduggery was exposed on the cricket field when the Wet pitch (Unplayable) dismissed the five top English batsmen
 Start of play should have been delayed one hour until the pitch dried out; one Aus guy suggested this. that their captain would enforce it but not if the POMS batted first.  what followed was a debacle until the pitch dried and although  The Aus team only just made it home to win on Australia day , it left a smell of skulduggery As for our schoolboy looking Aus Captain; his petulant attitude when not getting his own way is only too evident and too often.

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Aussie Mitch. said…
Sad to say but your right about UKNowwho he gets disapointed fairy quick and shows it _shrugs and shakes like spoilt kid
Vest said…
The last time I was called a pommy so and was in Blacktown RSL Club. By an Irishman who probably doesn't know it but he lives less than 100 metres away in the next street from where I live( saw his name in the Phone book.) Poor Noel had a very expensive Dental appointment and many bruises to follow. It all started after I sent him a cleaning bill For tiddling on the front seat of my car when the wife and I gave him a lift home from Fox Hills Golf club.Noel came at me swinging,however, it was Ding Dong and he was out. this incident is often recalled by friends who many said " the Swiftest despatch I have seen" .
That was about thirty years ago Now I can't fight my way out of a wet paper bag.
Vest said…
Aussie Mitch. Thanks for your comment.
Cricket fanatic. said…
Cricket Fanatic.
The problem with OZ cricket at the moment, is simply a lack of Top Class players, but a plethora of lesser players of equal talent. The selectors nightmare is simply having to pick a team from a bunch of losers.
The cry "Bring back Warnie" will fall on deaf ears simply because of Warnie's other financial interests and sexual exploits are more rewarding, and further more he is on a high at the moment and probably doesn't want to become associated with a bunch of no hopers, resurrecting Bradman from the grave would be a better option.

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