And More words on Wednesday

Should you remember using a TYPEWRITER You will have possibly lived for at least five decades of beautiful SUMMER days and through many a winter SNOW storm.
     It would seem that the kings of merry England were not so fruitful in years' also they had this awful fear of assassination during their regal term of office. much in common like USA Presidents.
     A short lived merry king was EDMOND 1 and for six years only when he died mysteriously at the age of 25.  EDMOND 1 was succeeded by EDMOND 2 who succumbed during his 46th year and ist year as the English king
. Both bodies of these kings were entombed each in their individual SARCOPHAGUS Their frail bodies were soon consumed by the ornamental stone coffin according to ecclesiology expectations. 
     Unlike William 1 the Duke of Normandy !066 and all that who became the first frog and snail munching king from FRANCE. Bill the first lived for 60 years and his probable cause of death was his change of diet(English Food) or a lack of Garlic.

Vest. Daily Gaggle.


Anonymous said…
While not as bad now, I do understand how an olden days English diet could cause death. I learnt to type on a bad portable typewriter and an Olivetti electric typewriter. I love how I can now rattle a computer keyboard or just stroke a screen.
Vest said…
Thank you for your comment Andrew it seems few people know that I am back in circulation.
Smiling broadly.
Not only do I remember typewriters, I still have mine.
Have you posted your use of her prompts to Cindi's site too? I hope so.
Vest said…
YES EC I have been to Cindi's site. I gave my last typewriter which belonged to my Rosemary, to my Grand daughter Charlotte, A beautiful fair haired child of twelve.
Andrew B. said…
Thanks Dad for calling Charlotte
Have a nice day
River said…
I would say both change of diet and a lack of garlic. Good use of the words.
Blogoratti said…
Interesting thoughts indeed and thanks for sharing. Warm greetings!

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