More Words on Wednesday

The following words were chosen at random in alphabetical order and even I am finding it difficult to conjure up a yarn to fit. Sometimes a person may need to go into a trance and use some extraordinary happenings of yesteryear although some of ones memories produce a fitting story not always true but may have been possible..


     My story Goes.

     The British Navy ship HMS Nonesuch, was visiting the ISLAND of Malta in the Mediterranean sea, and was secured alongside the jetty in Grand Harbour Valletta.
     An AGED crew member  nicknamed 'Stripey'who was familiar with the joys of Malta, put to good use his knowledge when he failed to return to the ship at the appointed time after a night ashore.
     Later in the day he was summoned to see the Executive Officer of the ship; who stupidly accepted his lame excuse being that, He was returning in the morning by Gharry ( A HORSE driven carriage)
When  suddenly the horse dropped dead  some distance from his destination which gave him few options but to walk to the ship and consequently being late..
     However, the following MORNING Stripey  failed to waken at the appointed hour due to his drunken and amorous overnight activities . As a result he was again summoned to front up to (Jimmy the one) Known as the Exec Officer.
     .Sharing stripey's problems were four younger sailors who were in dire need of a good excuse and which in turn was provided by  his nibs Stripey - No prizes for  the contents of the excuse. The exec Officer on hearing this familiar yarn wasn't wearing it and called over stripey and enquired if he was offering the same worn out tale to which clever dick stripey replied "Sir not at all. You see sir , I was returning to the ship in a TAXI ,not wanting to trust another Gharry when nearing the bottom of Crucifix hill the TAXI was unable to pass  due to an ACCIDENT  created by several overturned horse driven Gharry's and dead horses.

Vest.... Daily Gaggle.. back soon.


I like your story. Two separate selections running for the day is more than my tired brain can cope with though.
Chris Bowyer said…
I had an accident in a taxi this morning with an aged horse on an island.
Vest said…
Thank you EC It seems few people know that I am back in circulation.
Vest said…
Unknown Are you the guy who leads a sedentary lifestyle close by or am I mistaken?

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