2nd Words on Wednesday.

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     My story follows.

     Lord BYRON slept in the beds of some two hundred or more ladies ? so the lurid stories of him reveal, however, he was not the homely bed making person; more like a SUBMARINE dweller - where on which the bedding had multiple users.
      It was on my Forty third birthday; I recall, The day of the APOLLO 11 moon launch 16th July 1969 on that day I had travelled to Portsmouth (ENG). I had been invited by an old friend to visit  The SUBMARINE The HMS RANGER Despite of the fact that the crew had had a few days to tidy up the interior since returning from sea the un mistaking smell  of the SUBMARINE was BLOODY awful, even so only a few of the crew were on board when I arrived having previously doused myself with 'Super CONFIDENCE' a strong deodorant. capable of defying the smell of an aged billy goat. when one aged subby Say's " What's that funny smell " I replied "Anti Submariner stink" " never heard of it Say's he" . I wasn't surprised at his remark.
      It was a standing joke in the  Brit Royal Navy  that, if a sailor 'Whiffed a bit' he was deemed to be a Submariner.
But it came to pass as the saying goes there had to be a reckoning the Old Brit SUBMARINE was totally different to the sub I visited in New London Connecticut USA  the US Nautilus in 1965; it was larger than the ship I was serving on, a converted destroyer HMS Verylam... and the turkey dinner  on the Nautilus went down well too.

 VEST ... Daily Gaggle.  Back soon.


Vest said…
Oddly enough when leaving The USA our ship called into Guantomnamo Bay Cuba It was the 2nd time that I had visited the "April Sun in Cuba." previously in 1958 on HMS Ceylon.
Vest said…
Corrected spelling of GUANTANAMO BAY
Granny Annie said…
Great job as usual Vest. Glad to be reading you again.
Cindi said…
hahaha, excellent use of the words. I don't think I would like to be a submariner!
Lee said…
Very good, Vest!

And you tale brought back memories to me, too. I stood watching the moon landing alongside many other people - it was showing on a television in the window of Coles-Penney's store in Queen Street, Brisbane. I'd snuck out from work...I worked in an office in a building across the street from the store. :)
Vest said…
Granny Annie. Thank you for your kind words . I shall call on you soon.
Vest said…
Jamie Ghioni, Thanks , and I hope You call again.
Vest said…
CINDY.. The THIRD Riech ? Lost more than 650 Subs (UB)losing 40,000 Submariners during WW2, not a healthy lifestyle. the latest cliche for Sub's is 'The Widow makers.'Thanks for your call.
Vest said…
LEE. I watched the 'Take off' on the telly At 2100hrs BS time at my home in Hampshire England. Incidentally It supposedly landed on my Mothers Birthday 21 7 69 of course the dates would alter slightly to account for the varying time zones around the world.. Thank for calling.

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