More words on a Wednesday

These words were chosen at random from a Financial newspaper.

.I am having difficulty with these words, My thought processes have been diminished by this oppressive heat today. I shall rest awhile and return soon.
Much scribbling and deleting, very baffling words but I am nearing something historical leaned from my childhood days.  Back Soon.


Vest said…
An ancient feature of the Chiltern hills in Merry England, the biggest of iron AGE earthworks, is the mysterious Grim's Ditch or dyke*(not Sexist)which runs right through the hills,appearing at times as a ditch or brook with little flow,sometimes it is seen as a high BANK or part of Iron AGE defences or boundaries.

Grims ditch can be clearly seen near Great Hampden, In the 17th century, Great Hampden was the home of John Hampden Who took a stand against the payment of 'Ship Money', Member of parliament for Wendover. His stand against a HIGH TAX imposed by Chas (1) in 1635? , led to the CIVIL war of 1642, Hampden died in 1643 from wounds received at the Battle of Chalgrove field and is Buried in Great Hampden Church.

Chalgrove was my home for several childhood years , a monument depicting the battle of Chalgrove field in June !643 could be seen a short distance from my home at Number one Monument road Chalgrove Oxfordshire..

BTW, Hampton's parliamentary forces lost the battle against prince Rupert a German Mercenary employed By Chas Ist. I believe Rupert copped his lot later on at a battle near Oxford. that time the forces of OLLIE Cromwell - Hampdens cousin, won the day.

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