Words On Wednesday.

Below are the prompts for this little yarn which were provided by Cindy..


                                HERE IS MY STORY

      I am uncertain why Americans celebrate GROUNDHOG Day. Maybe  it is a reason for DANCING in the RAIN., Or it could be a SILENT  foreboding of  an ecological disaster which occasionally rears it ugly head at this time of the year or on the more pleasant side of the coin a reason for a feast for the consumption of apple strudel on some obscure date during the apple picking in GERMANY during the Autumn (Fall) season. I haven't bothered to check in my large DICTIONARY as yet, but will if I can find it among the pile of unopened boxes in the garage, most of which have lost the identifying writing describing the contents., during the past fifteen months before moving into this new home. so the guessing game begins. So eeny meeny miny mo is the only way for me to go..

 Vest... Daily Gaggle .. back soon.


Vest said…
Thank you sedentary Sid of FACEBOOK Ideology. AKA Unknown.
Cindi said…
well done! and groundhog day is our tiny bit of hope that spring will come early ... which it seldom does.
Vest said…
Cindy. Thanks for the information
Elsie Hanlin. said…
That's a clever use of words.
Vest said…
Elsie. Thanks. Will read yours on Friday.
Andrew Andrew said…
Try Eeny first.
Vest said…
Andrew A . You are Absolutely correct.
Jamie Ghione said…
Good one. I still wonder about Groundhog day myself.
Lee said…
A good use of the words, Vest.

My Oxford dictionary from my high school days (many, many moons ago) is one of the books that sit permanently on my bedside table! :)
Vest said…
Jamie Ghione . How nice of you to call on my blog you will be welcomed anytime.
Vest said…
LEE. On my bedside table there is a lamp and a clock, I rarely read in bed I simply Sleep and dream. My Macquarie Dictionary is still in hiding,the three inches thick edition with all the up to date words, yes all of them including those too.

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