Make him Fall in Love with You. You can become 'The Woman he Adores'

He says
Hot women have big ones.
They don’t need to be cartoon-like – although that’s fine – but they do need to be large enough to defeat men’s better natures and lure their eyes down.
Big, full mouths are hot. Blokes love ‘em.
And when a woman has a sexy mouth it smooths over a host of hassles between the genders.
Like talking, for instance.
Women love to rabbit on, which bores blokes – not to tears, of course, but it does drive them to beers and sport and stuff.
Yet, if the woman has a rich, voluptuous talker, then a bloke can smile and nod for hours, mesmerised.
Particularly if she has attitude.
It doesn’t matter whether it’s good or bad, so long as the chick has some edge.
Blokes don’t care whether she’s tough as nails or a golden-hearted lass.
Actually, a bit of ‘tude is good, especially if she says something cutting then turns on her (high) heel and struts off.
That way we get a look at her most curvaceous asset and also get a break from her talking. Bringing up the rear
And about the rump: chicks should never forget it’s primarily other women who obsess about minor occurrences of cellulite and stretch marks and all that stuff.
Men just want to know it’s there.
And how does a bloke know something’s there unless he can at least make out the shape?
Hot chicks can be demure – think shy librarian in a grey skirt and white button-up blouse, neither too loose – but they certainly don’t dress to obscure.
Those weird clothing combinations, like pants or tights under a dress? That’s not hot. That’s confused.
Blokes don’t like a confusion of clothing – little bits and pieces here and there.
That smacks of dressing for other women.
Come to think of it, when a woman worries about other women’s nit-picking judgments more than she does about men’s healthy, life-affirming enthusiasms, her hot-meter is dropping fast. What men want
All this fussing over hair, nails, cosmetics and multi-layered clothing is certainly not for guys’ benefit.
Wake up and smell the roses; save yourself a fortune in treatments and hours in front of mirrors.
All it takes to ring the hot-bell is a dash of attitude, a splash of pride in your appearance (on bad-hair days, just tie the hair back for a stern-but-sexy look and add a little make-up), and the confidence to live outside the fickle, back-stabbing whims of womenfolk.
Oh, and a saucy mouth.
So you guys out there, describe your Ideal woman or a compromise should your choice be unavailable.

Make Him Fall In Love. You Can Become The Woman He Adores


Anonymous said…
I like reasonably attractive women who are well groomed for any occasion except for the grossly fat- those sized 18 and above yuk
Anonymous said…
One look one size one colour doesn't suit everyone thats why were all different for differing tastes.
Anonymous said…
Me i cant afford to run a woman as well as the harley but i do have a few casuel regulers sort of pillion popseys, i cant be that bad as they come for more <---oo ;)
Anonymous said…
For me initially, it's looks and curves, but personality is the most important aspect. Mind you, fat and ugly is definitely out.
Anonymous said…
Fattened songbirds a French delicacy

Scottish haggis. Mexican chili-dusted grasshoppers. On the world's list of weird foods, ortolan - a bite-size songbird roasted and gulped down whole - can claim a place of distinction.

It's an endangered place, though, since the ortolan is an endangered species. And the French government is out to get poachers hunting the coveted fowl.

Click here to read the full story:
Jim said…
My Ideal woman is Mary !
hold your punches u ass

i am not referring to Rosemary
(though she cud be- if a SAILOR BOY CUD BE FAITHFUL TO ONE WOMAN FOR 50 PLUS YEARS, she must be something)
Jim said…
Mary got the figure of a cheerleader even at 57

more than her looks is the love look in her eyes that says love me

mary is not soft
she can be hard as nails if u rub her the rong way

mary belongs to the deeply religious religious South
bible toting
she can spew passages from the bible as fast as cuss words she uses on me sometimes

Mary is a one man woman
and today i am her man
Anonymous said…
Fat birds supposed to be jolly an all that crap but most are bone idle whining old bags-- just cant stand fat slobbering women.
Anonymous said…
My ideal lady would be caucasian size 12 and 5ft 8" tall medium bust slender waist & curved smooth bot, size 6-8 shoe. Other features med to dark brown hair to shouder or page boy cut, face more round than angular, sort of elfin look dimples when smiling, med to full lips, brown eyes lobed ears and good teeth. Medium intelligence and great listener, also domesticated.

Please where can I find this darling about 25 years old and a virgin who I will remain faithful to for ever.

Dale Vincent 33, 6ft 1", fair,168$.
Vest said…
Dale V UK: The lady you are seeking will have many chasers like yourself and will have the pick of the bunch where and when ever her fancy strikes. get in the Queue(lineup) buddy, I saw her first.

Seems like fat and fatter birds are not on the wanted list unless you are desperate.

Casual encounters of the horny kind go down well with the blokes, not so much with the ladies who seek a stable relationship; built like a hoss perhaps but also comes home to feed in the same nose bag each day.
Anonymous said…
I'll settle for a cloned vestie when he was about twenty ish.
Vest said…
Amy: Just thinking, isn't being Geoff's jockey enough for you?.
Anonymous said…
s98KYp The best blog you have!
Anonymous said…
ImRxMR write more, thanks.

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