The 2007 Toukley Business Awards. "They were only here for the Beer"

TOUKLEY NSW Australia . Starting a business in Toukley would require some smart thinking.
Wandering around its CBD you will discover the sad picture of past businesses that have gone bust . This is mainly due to the ever increasing powers of the shopping malls, however, this is not about some magical cure for their setbacks, but the reason the Toukley Chamber Of Commerce decided not to use a Toukley venue such as their RSL or Bowling club for their annual event, thus depriving possibly one of the two major businesses in town of a good earner.
Hardly like keeping it in the family when it was decided that my local club, The Halekulani Bowling Club, Which is located several klms away from Toukley was chosen to host the event, or were there some overwhelming fiscal anomalies between the different clubs grog prices, I'll stick my neck out and say this is the case.
Traveling around to the five nearest clubs surrounding the Halekulani Bowling Club in Budgewoi, the Bar drinks of my choice and my nearest and dearest, at the Halekulani Bowling club, were priced $2-20 less per round than any other club. I cannot supply the reason for this, however, If I stop by the club three times per week and order four double rounds of drinks for the wife and myself, within one year I will have saved around $1,372-00 by not patronising the other clubs. 'Makes sense doesn't it'. Just a thought.

"Halekulani Halekulani du du du du du du DUH"


Jim said…
i hope i dont go bust
i plan to start a biz in CA

any way its california or bust for me

i earn peanuts here
there i cud earn 1000 dollars a day
Anonymous said…
The downer of the evening was the overcrowded area the club members were shunted into, so to allow the visiting business persons their privacy, a lot of members left early due to the noise.
Vest said…
Rosemary would be a front runner for for the 'Aristocrat User, Loser Award'.
Anonymous said…
Dont play them myself. Just fillers for the state's coffers.
But then what you gain around the bar you lose swinging up and eventually down on the pokies. Only the clubs and pollies are winners.
Anonymous said…
you are such a asshole to allow your loved one to use gaming machines you are plainly gutless
Vest said…
ah!,night owl. The lady you are concerned about is like my self and we are fully funded through our own efforts we have both been done and seen and are qualified to run our own lives within the law as we feel fit to do. Nice bible punching freaking lazy dole bludgers like your self hould go home get down on your knees and pray.

"God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference".

It is friday, I usually go to the club but my gorgeous Gr/Daughters are staying the W/E, I am also Unwell, The colley wobbles agin a saw frote badd coff ana nedake, but no pane in me rite nee fer free daze cor stone the crows.

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