Men are either very Clever or really stupid.

Men: either very clever or really stupid
This could spark a row over the breakfast table, but recent research has found that there are more clever men than women. There are twice as many males as females in the brightest two per cent of the population.

Males scored the highest and lowest scores in all the tests
The research, however, also points out that there are twice as many males as females in the least intelligent two per cent of the country. The researchers said that they eliminated factors such as education and upbringing by comparing members of the same family. They looked at the intelligence of more than 2,500 brothers and sisters by testing them on science, maths, English and mechanical ability.
Males scored the highest and lowest scores in all the tests and also performed better in science and arithmetic.
Women occupied the middle ground and were also found to be better at languages, which is not surprising being that their tongues are continually wagging.
One theory put forward to explain the results is that men have evolved to boost their intelligence as a way of making themselves more attractive to the opposite sex. Women, however, do not need to be clever in order to reproduce.
The female developmental programme may be tilted more towards ensuring survival and enjoying the safety of the middle ground.
Maybe a gorgeous obedient woman with a moderate voice would come over as the top choice, but there aren't too many of those to spare, the variations are so wide, that, choosing a partner to some can be a nightmare and if you cock up it could become permanent.
Obviously there are exceptions to the findings, are you one of these or have you someone in mind you would point the finger at ? be kind to me or you may be deleted.

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Keshi said…
**Women, however, do not need to be clever in order to reproduce.

that says it all right? LOL!

Anonymous said…
Lol! How hilarious ... depends on what the research term as "clever" and I'd say that was a moot point. Women are so DAMN clever, they let the male of the species THINK that they are more clever than they are. HaHaHa! Also most of the males that I know, and I'm thinking of two bros-in-law in particular, that can talk the hind leg off a donkey. It is a complete myth that women are the talkers ... it's just that men THINK their conversation is hugely more important! (and we so damn clever ladies ... let them think it, while we roll our eyes at each other waiting for the yakking to cease so we can get to where we were going in the first place)
Oh ... and guys ... don't forget the last minute trip to the loo that cuts another half hour into delaying the time we were supposed to leave in the first place. Duh-oh! Get prepared will ya! LOL!
Vest said…
Original Message -----
From: Sarah Elliott
Sent: Tuesday, September 25, 2007 10:58 AM
Subject: Your Interview Questions

1. Which is the better place to live, Australia or England?
2. If you could choose one historical personage to assassinate, who would it be?
3. If you could communicate with animals, what would you say to them?
4. In your opinion, what is the greatest social evil in the world today?
5. Have you purchased any of Lolly's knickers, and if so what kind?

1. Australia wins hands down. Factors include, lifestyle, income,climate. Athough the brief English summer and flora take some beating, I do have a few nostalgic pangs, which become less as time advances.

2. Mr Adolf Shicklegruber. Without him our world would have advanced little beyond the fifties; maybe, but then who knows. The world could have been dominated by the hammer and sickle. 2nd choice flogger Campbell , my prep school superintendant.The bastard.

3." You can put your complete trust in SME never to harm you, that is, until she becomes really hungry".

4. Commercial sex and its rammifications. For example, Drugs, Aids, Disfunctional families, violence and worst of all Child molestation in its many forms.

5.Sniff sniff hard one this. Truthfully I can state without fear of masturbation that, I haven't got a dozen or more pairs of nicks emanating various catfish, cod , kipper, haddock and sardine odours around the walls of my office, but I do get the stench of Fag smoke which drifts up the stairs. Lolly is a fun person not to be taken too seriously, hails from your side of the pond I fink.

Have a lovely day. Vest.
Anonymous said…
Mr Vest, what is all this sexy knicker malarky going on, I hope you are not becoming a deviate/:((( please explain.
Anonymous said…
Thinking "No smoke without fire". What's with this sweaty Knicker thingy, come on own up.
Did not understand answer to question 3.
S.M. Elliott said…
Heh heh, lovely answers...especially #4. It's quite true, though I couldn't eat a rabbit even if I was starving.
Vest said…
Aggie: I recall a similar post where you gave me a similar appraisal of your bros-in-law on their ability to rear triple legged donkeys.
A great response Aggie x.

Keshi: Gorgeous Keshi, possibly a soul of reproduction. x.

Jim: Women smarter? only those marginally above the lowest Male category.

Amy: You show me your Sweaty red flannel bloomers and I'll show you lollo's. How dare you even think I am a deviate, you wanton wench.x.

LDL: Mike I have no intention of admitting to something as sordid as you have suggested, in any case your Assie Navy blokes have been getting their legs over some of the sea going fem sailors recently. according to my fav newspaper. The DT.
As for Quest 3 answer, the riddle is that Sarah Elliott is the daughter of a Friend? sort of.
And sarah would not eat a sausage if it was offered to her-but I believe Sarah might stoop as low to eat a Duck or Chook embryo.

SME: Thanks, x.

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