Monday, 17 September 2007

Annoying Telephone Calls." Right in the middle of having dinner". Particularly those from the Sub Continent.

You may be interested in this if you receive constant spam telemarketing calls:

Regards, Vest.


Jim said...

i get bugged by telemarketeers too
wanting to sell me condoms and mobiles and credit cards

Son of Vest said...

I signed up for this free service a few days ago. Apparently it takes about a month before it kicks in. Does it work? We'll see.

Son of Vest said...

Ha! Ha! Here's an idea! You know how you usually get a 2 second pause with the telemarketing calls... You wait until they say something, then interrupt in your best telephonic voice, "This call will be charged at $5 a minute. To proceed immediately, please press the hash key, or wait until an operator answers. You are, (pause) number 32 in the queue".

h singh said...

Goodness gracious me.. you are the elephant in the ointment S O Vest.
But then; there is no success without hardship.

An interesting rerun.

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