"Hi there Muzzies!! - Get Some 'PORK on Yer FORK. Halal Bacon-A Big Porkie.

A CATERING company has apologised to Muslim university students after trying to sell them "Halal bacon and egg rolls". Vest Say's "Are these students that thick in the head that they actually believe that Bacon could be sourced from meat other than a PIG"

University of Western Sydney students had been suspicious for months about the authenticity of food labelled 'HALAL' at campus canteens.

Their concerns were unexpectedly proved correct when in-house catering company UWSConnect offered "halal bacon and egg rolls'' at the Bankstown campus.

Muslims are forbidden to eat any pig products. But some would if they could.

"It's just the most awful mistake"

"We are deeply embarrassed and ashamed, and we've apologised profusely for causing offence, both verbally and in writing".

"I mean, of all products, it had to be the bacon and egg roll".

"At the end of the day, it's our fault and it's an appalling mistake both verbally and in writing. It's unforgivable.''

Mr Geange at UWSConnect attributed the gaffe to to a "human labelling error'' at UWSConnect's Bankstown premises.

He insisted all products marked halal came from suppliers who claimed to be halal-friendly. "what a laugh"

But according to the university's Muslim Students Association (MSA), students had long suspected the products were being falsely labelled halal.(But they loved the taste and enjoyed it immensely, until some nutter dobbed them in)

"UWSConnect seems to believe it can label food halal, without first obtaining halal certification from an accredited Muslim halal certifier,'' it said in an online statement.

"UWS MSA presidents have patiently insisted that Muslims can accept halal labelling only after accreditation from a recognised Muslim halal certifier. The recent halal egg and bacon rolls fiasco is proof of this.''

On August 9, the company held talks with UWS executives and the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils (AFIC).

AFIC supplied UWSConnect with an "application form for halal accreditation''.

AFIC halal services general manager Mohammed Rahman said the false labelling of food was "much more than you think".

A couple of excerpts from Vests Memoirs follow.

I had returned on board from a trip ashore while the HMS Ceylon was in ADEN
Back on board, members of the crew were entertaining a large number of little Arab boys and girls and enjoying the food that had been provided. While in charge of the hold party ‘food’ stores that morning, I had brought up several seven-pound cans of P L M. I asked the Duty Officer in charge, “What is in these sandwiches?”
“Pork luncheon meat,” he replied. I threw the sweets on the table to the kids and hastily had the sandwiches collected and put over the side. The Duty Officer said, “Hold on! What are you doing?”
I replied, “Think pork, Muslim, Arab.”
Later, he said, “That was close.”

One evening, Mary and I were at the Singapore Badminton hall attending a function when our friend, Tom (Abdul Karim Bin Anang) asked, “What’s in these curry puffs?” Mary’s reply was “Pork, I think.” I spoke to those in earshot and explained that Mary had intended it to be a joke. Fortunately for Mary, they had a laugh about it. When we returned home, Mary showed me a small mark on her ankle and said, “Kick me like that again, John Spencer, and you’ll sleep alone for a week.”
We wrote often to Abdul Karim Bin Anang (Tom) from the survey department. His letters in reply written in astonishingly beautiful copperplate style were a joy to read, reading them now shortens the distance in time to when Mary and I knew him and his lovely family. (I visited him in 1960 while I was serving on HMS Marlbone. When we visited him in 1986, however, he was very old and sick and barely remembered us. Tom’s family expected him to live no more than a few days. Tom is now with Allah at that great Mosque in the sky.)

Vest, Daily Gaggle.


Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
My muslim fruend Imran loves the taste of Sorpotel (a goan pork delicacy)

he tells my mom to tell him that it is Beef everytime she serves him
Anonymous said…
Serve it to Jews too as Kosher certifed
Anonymous said…
My great grandfather told me long ago pork tastes like 'Long Pig' and they still eat in PNG i'm told, usually young boys and ugly girls
Anonymous said…
These are our university students? Ohh dear...
Anonymous said…
hi vesty old mate, its that time of the year to put some of those pork bangers on the barbie, going to see relo's in the PL again in four weeks, will ring tonight, to see you before I go. sorry few comments, but have emailed, hope your legs ok now.
Jim said…
Heyyy VEST

u wont believe this
PUGS is in love

he proposed to Michele all over his site

go here http://pugs-crinkleybottom.blogspot.com/
Vest said…
Anon 2&3: Izzy is kosher but likes our pork sausages.

M D A: long pig er yuk.

Izzy Dave: all sorted now.
I seem to get more emails than comments, plus the shy Anon people and the permanently deleted filth.

Jds Rose: And our future leaders, frightening ennit. love to jelly bean xxx.

Jim; In his own admission, our mutual friend Pugs while he was serving as a ships cook on a British R F A, a RN logistical support ship, often frequented the off limits area of Bugis street in Singapore, this area was well known to be a meeting place for homo sexuals but mainly oriental transvestites, from this you can draw your own conclusions and form your own opinion of the person in question.
Anonymous said…
u owe me
i put in a plug for u
and Rosemary will be pleased
but i am not sure if its true

Jim said...
VEST is the master in flirting
to learn more
read his book
Waving good bye to a thousand flies

a sailor who touches port has to move fast
he has only so much time before his ship sets sail

VEST courted all and sundry
most were ladies much older than him

but VEST is a decent guy
unlike me

i continued flirting
even after marriage

1:25 PM

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