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The world should “prepare for war” with Iran, according to the French foreign minister.
Bernard Kouchner said “we must negotiate right to the end” with Iran but if Teheran developed an atomic weapon it would pose “a real danger for the whole world”.
His comments come as the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council and Germany prepare to meet to discuss a new draft UN resolution on sanctions against Iran this week.
Teheran has ignored UN deadlines to stop enriching uranium, claiming its nuclear activity is for civilian purposes, but tough sanctions have thus far been resisted by Russia and China.
Do you have faith in the United Nations to find a peaceful resolution to nuclear proliferation?
Are there any other options apart from sanctions or war?
Or do you think that war with Iran is inevitable?
If Iran already had a nuke, Denmark would now be a chemical wasteland for printing cartoons
Why do we even allow Pakistan to have nuclear weapons? It's not stable or a real ally - only their leader sucks up to Bush, against the wishes of the majority there who back Al Qaeda in order to save his own skin and office.
This will end exactly the same as the North Korean "stand-off" ended - a big fat pay-off by the USA to end all (potential or otherwise) WMD programmes.
------WHY would IRAN start a war with US/ISRAEL with no chance of winning?----- You fail then to see the Islamic mind-set that makes them so dangerous! If you think you are doing 'God's' work and killing as many ifidels as possible and that death is simply a door to paradise and 72 won't care if you lose! Which is why Iran and the Islamists in general are so dangerous. There is nothing to negotiate with them and they don't care one bit if they and everyone else dies. They make the Soviets look like the girls scouts!
As a citizen of the UK and Australia I am thoroughly ashamed at the Britian govt's slavish and sycophantic following of the US. We are basically a US colony. And the people of the UK are a bunch of sheep for putting up with this.


It's Imm said…
Unlikely, because the USA doesn't not want instability in the region, certainly it is bad enough as it is without making it worse; And the risk of the situation escalating is not only too dangerous but more importantly far beyond what the county can afford. there is the economical damage, as well as the political damage to the government.
The Wall Street Banksters want small managable perpetual wars that can be controlled and maintained an that generate revenue for the industrial-military empire and those that are enriched by it.

If Iran aquires the ability to make nuclear weapons they will have to be given the same status as Pakistan & India, and in any event,(and that technology will probably be leaked from the U.K. anyway) the better solution would be to create a civil war and let the people within Iran (of which many, if not most do not want the mullahs to control them.)And make no mistake, there is a lot of British influence working behind the scenes that suports the Mullahs, in return for Oil supplies. But there is a fuel source that will generate more money that Oil ever did, and has the potential to make many who invest in it wealthy beyond imagination, billionaires infact.

Provoking a war that will point the finger at The USA or the UK is not desirable and will unsurp all the plans for the immense wealth that is within reach. They can all be bought, paid big $$$ to fit in.

And may I remind the muslims that there are not enough virgins to go around, and they will have to share them.
Jim said…
where BUSH goes
BLAIR used to follow
Anonymous said…
No one wins in war ... totally pointless and whoever "wins" would not matter as the environment damage would kill the balance off anyway.

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