Democracy and Freedom are 'Not the Same Thing'.

THE difference between democracy, which refers to any system where people vote for rulers, and freedom, which is the absence of government coercion and the concomitant liberty to control one's own life and property:
Democracy means voting. It does not mean freedom. When we lump the two ideas together, we confuse ourselves and others. Britain was a free country long before it became democratic. In Germany, Hitler was elected democratically. In much of Africa, democracy in practice has meant, "One man, one vote -- one time," as elected leaders put an end to both elections and freedom. It would be wonderful to have free and democratic nations throughout the world, and that would very likely reduce military conflicts, But we do not ensure freedom by holding elections.


Anonymous said…
democrazy is the vote
freedom in india means
freedom to spit piss shit any where
when u r pressed

Vest said…
Anon: Dont ever try that in our town unless it is dark and no one is around. Bow Wow calling cards around the foot path are our main hazzard when walking at night, this sit is created by bone idle pooch lovers.
Anonymous said…
9YlyHB write more, thanks.

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